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Essential tips on how to sell a home faster

We often find a dream property when we least expect it. Sometimes this catches us off-guard, raising logistical questions like 'how will I sell my house at such short notice' and 'will I lose out to someone else if I take too long?'

Essential tips on how to sell a home faster

However, if you hire the right help, you have no need to worry. A good real estate agent will know how to sell a home in no time at all, leaving you to focus on moving into your dream property with as little stress as possible. Here, we give you an inside look at how to sell a home at short notice, including the right routes to take and the pitfalls to avoid.

Get an accurate valuation

When considering how to sell a home quickly, an essential starting point is acquiring a correct and honest valuation. While some sellers like to set a high asking price to test the market, this invariably slows the process down.

Getting a fair and accurate valuation from the beginning – a valuation that will entice buyers without selling you short – relies on you using an experienced and honest real estate agent.

Choose the right real estate agent

When you put your home on the market, it's extremely important that you choose the right real estate agent to suit you and your property. This means finding an expert with local knowledge and an understanding of the type of property you own and its market potential. If you're going to find an interested buyer with minimum delay, you need to pin down the right agent. That's why an initial consultation is the first of our eight steps to selling your home.

Give your property sufficient exposure

If you're thinking 'I can sell my house on my own,' and are looking to list it as for sale by owner, you could be limiting your chances of finding a buyer to a small pool of options. This is just one of the reasons why we still need estate agents: not only do they offer us their expertise, but they are also able to market properties above and beyond the reach of private sellers.

Finding and accessing the right channels to market your home is something only an agent can do. This is a large contributing factor to the higher prices agents manage to secure for their clients, which lies around 20% above the values achieved by any properties listed as for sale by owner (According to the California Association of Realtors).

Have the papers ready

In the event that a prospective buyer decides to put in an offer, you need to be prepared to move fast. This means instructing your solicitors to have all the paperwork ready to go, and ask your estate agent if you're unsure of any of the requirements long before an offer is made.

Invest in presentation

Our tips for how to sell a home aren't all based on the expertise of an estate agent, as there are also steps you can take yourself. One such task is presentation. Our recent blog article on how to prep a home for sale runs through all the major steps required to impress your viewers. Whether you enlist the help of professionals or decide to roll up your sleeves to do some spring cleaning, presenting your home the right way before a sale should be top priority.

Once you know you want to sell your property, take the first step and book a consultation with an experienced real estate agency. We from Engel & Völkers work with luxury property in 32 countries around the world. Head over to our website for more information on how to sell a home.

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