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Checklist: is a career in real estate right for me?

Whether you’re drawn to real estate for the business opportunity, the lifestyle, the personal development or simply to help people find their dream home: you’re right to consider your decision carefully. But in order to truly answer the question, “is a career in real estate right for me?”, you need to ask yourself a few more questions. And that’s where our checklist can help.

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Do I have the potential to succeed in property sales?

The first things to assess are your desire and aptitude. That is, your will to sell property and the skill set to meet your goals. If you can tick off most of the essential skills for real estate agents, you’re likely to fit:

  • Great with people of all backgrounds.

  • Able to quickly build a rapport.

  • Solid problem solving skills.

  • Networking skills.

  • Able to learn quickly.

  • Resilient, and able to bounce back from rejection.

Do I have the knowledge?

Study requirements vary between countries and regions. In the US and France, for example, real estate agents need a licence, while in the UK and Germany they do not. So check your local laws first. Broadly speaking, if you have more than one of the following in your skillset, you have a good foundation:

  • A recognised property qualification or real estate license.

  • A business-based qualification.

  • Online literacy and computer skills.

  • Knowledge of your local property market.

  • Strong community connections.

  • A well groomed appearance.

Do I have the experience?

If you’re asking yourself “is a career in real estate right for me?”, the chances are you’re planning a lateral move from another industry. The good news is that it’s a common occurrence, and some of our greatest success stories include people with no previous industry experience. The following backgrounds can all bring valuable skills to a real estate role:

Am I ready to be self-employed?

Working in real estate with a partner like Engel & Völkers will involve acting as a self-employed agent. You’ll need to have the following skills:

  • Self motivated.

  • Responsible.

  • Ambitious.

  • Reliable.

  • Self-organised

Am I excited about a job that takes me out of the office?

Because you’ll be visiting buyers and sellers at properties all across your area, and possibly further afield, you'll have the rare opportunity to work while travelling around. Ask yourself if you can:

  • Drive well and often.

  • Work flexible (and sometimes long) hours.

  • Work on the move using a smartphone and laptop.

  • Stay calm and positive while juggling tasks.

Can I work with a discerning clientele?

At Engel & Völkers, we take pride in our strong relationships with our valued clients. As a real estate agent, building those relationships is key and requires you to be able to:

  • Quickly grasp their precise needs and requirements.

  • Communicate professionally and promptly.

  • Anticipate and deal with issues before they arise.

  • Have a deep local knowledge to make suggestions they might not have considered.

If you’ve ticked many or all of the items on our checklist, then the answer to the question “is a career in real estate right for me?” is a resounding yes. That means it’s time to plan your next steps using our career blog. Or if you’re ready to apply, all the information about careers with Engel & Völkers is available here.

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