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Real estate agents about their favourite social media channels

Is it Facebook or Twitter? Or maybe Instagram, LinkedIn or Snapchat? We asked four of our Engel & Völkers Influencer what their favourite Social Media channel is and why – and the answers are clearly going in the same direction! Read from Hamburg, Germany to Miami, USA and Montréal, Canada how each of them is successful in their own way and what methods they use on Social Media.

- Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Which channel do Real Estate Agents use the most when in Social Media? Read about their favourite channel!

Martin Rouleau, Real Estate Agent from Montréal, Canada

“My favourite Social Media channel is by far Instagram. I always use Instagram as the starting point for content and then I share the post on my Business Facebook page with sponsor ads, my personal Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is quick, efficient and all about the visual! The text accompanying the post can and should be short and straight to the point. The Instagram stories are also great. They are even more spontaneous. They are great in the sense that you can see who has actually looked at your post. I also like LinkedIn a lot because I find it complementary in the sense that it reaches different people than the other Social Media channels. It is more business oriented and I find that it is under-exploited in the Real Estate industry. It gives me an edge."

Ludwig Cords, Real Estate Agent from Hamburg, Germany

“My favourite Social Media channel is Instagram. A great post can be designed there with only a few easy steps. Especially as a Real Estate Agent, simple and uncomplicated posts with nice pictures are a great way to generate traffic. The "story function" gives us as Agents the possibility to show insights into our daily work at any time. Since we only use photos from professional photographers, the quality of the accounts is enormously important. Furthermore, the Instagram channel is free and has no range limitation.”

Tanja Vieth, Real Estate Agent from Hamburg, Germany        

Instagram is clearly my favourite. I love photography and can also be creative in different areas and share my life and my job with my followers. My content is based on different topics, from architecture, city lifestyle and fashion as well as the marketing process of properties. On Instagram, I get an insight into the lives of others and I love it when profiles are authentic and real. What matters the most to me here are not the perfect photos, but real people and their lives.

In my daily stories, I take everyone who is interested in my daily life with me. Through the “swipe up” function, there is also the possibility to recommend my blog or other websites. That is a wonderful opportunity to be in direct contact with my followers and I have already met some of my followers personally by using this function!

Furthermore, I can also share all my posts and stories on my Facebook and Twitter accounts with just one click. A clear time saving for me. I think Instagram is a lot of fun!”

Luis Gonell, Real Estate Agent from Miami, USA

“My favorite social media channel is Instagram because this app allows me to upload videos, stories and pictures. The other great fixture of this application is that it offers me the option to add locations, hashtags and create my own ads.

This is fantastic when it comes to market the products because you can narrow down the type of clients that you are looking to engage with. I also like Instagram because I can show my audience who I am as a person, what I like to do on my daily basis, I can also show my personal values, my true passion of selling ultra-luxury Real Estate in Miami Beach.

In my personal opinion, the relationship and the personal connection that you establish with your clients represent the main driving force for your success as a Real Estate Agent and Instagram offers me the perfect channel to do this.

I also love to inspire people and show them that if I can do it they can do it also. It’s very important to help others because nothing great in life was achieved alone.”

We would like to thank you all for taking part in this interview to let us know about your favourite Social Media channel. Clearly, we can see that Instagram has the highest potential for Real Estate Agents and their business. If you want to read more about how you can efficiently use Instagram as an agent, read what Real Estate Agent Nikole Ferrari from California, USA has to say.

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