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The greatest possible security for your company in times of crisis thanks to franchising

The past few months have shown many self-employed people and founders across Europe what a strong influence international crises can have on the economic success or even the continued existence of companies. The focus of many prospective managing directors is all the more on finding a business model that works confidently even in times of crisis and is suitable as a long-term, future-proof investment. In the real estate industry and many other sectors, franchising has proven to be a solid, reliable model that is able to safely guide companies through difficult phases such as the most recent corona pandemic. Our expansion team has summarized the strengths of franchise systems such as the proven Engel & Völkers concept as a valuable support in self-employment even in times of crisis.

Great market awareness & proven concept ensures the stability of franchise companies

One of the central advantages that speak for a franchise partnership is that when you start up you are entering an existing system whose brand and business model are already established on the market. Regardless of whether it is a real estate franchise or another industry: If you decide in favor of an internationally successful franchisor like Engel & Völkers, you adapt its system, which has been tried and tested over many years and has already proven its resistance to crises in the past. The more widespread the relevant franchise system is, the greater its popularity among your target group - as a real estate agent, for example among search customers or sellers of houses, apartments or land. With a franchise partnership, you will gain a clear advantage over independent, often less well-known competitors in times of potential crisis. Across industries, franchise start-ups have an average success rate of over 90%, which impressively underlines the security prospects of such concepts.

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Financing franchise start-ups is less problematic in times of crisis

The statistically verifiable fact that franchise start-ups fail far less often than unlicensed companies due to the advantages mentioned above also plays an important role in financing such a project. If, for example, you need outside capital to open your planned real estate agency and present a business concept to the bank of your choice as part of a franchise partnership, your chances of obtaining a financing approval increase. Even in times of macroeconomic recession, in which banks are more reluctant to finance start-ups, a franchise partnership is always a good argument to your lender, who is also familiar with the high potential for success of franchise systems and consequently the risk of loan default is lower classifies. The hurdles for a successful start to self-employment are therefore lower with a franchise partner, even in times of crisis.

Thanks to franchisor support and a strong network, you can steer your own company safely through the crisis

As a franchisee in the real estate industry, you by no means have to cope with times of crisis alone: Your franchisor continuously supplies you with the most important materials such as marketing or advertising tools and continuously develops new strategies in order to adapt to the changed economic conditions as well as possible. At the same time, you can share current experiences with other license partners within the franchise system and look for solutions to the challenges of the crisis together. The Engel & Völkers license partner network now includes over 800 locations and regularly sets new sales records. Our high-performance system platform and a wide range of advanced training courses at the Engel & Völkers Academy ensure that you are as technically and professionally prepared as possible for potential crises and that you can look forward to a long-term, stable and high-growth career as an independent real estate agent.

With innovative solutions such as virtual 360 ° tours and viewing live streams, the Engel & Völkers franchise system quickly found an answer to the ongoing restrictions, even in the corona pandemic. Compared to other industries, the real estate sector in many places was hardly impressed by the crisis in terms of purchase demand and value development, so that a foundation in this segment, combined with an Engel & Völkers license partnership, proves to be an ambitious and low-risk investment. A large number of attractive, free license areas are available to you throughout Europe where you can open your Engel & Völkers real estate shop. Our expansion team looks forward to being able to introduce you to further details of our franchise offer in a personal meeting soon. To schedule an appointment, dial ✆ +49 (0) 40 36 13 10 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to you!

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