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Digital opportunities for real estate sales with Engel & Völkers Germany

The top priority for real estate agents Engel & Völkers Germany with every sale is to satisfy you in every respect with the result of our work and one of the most advanced offers in the industry. For this reason, we place great value in the presentation of your house or villa, in client communication and in our internal processes using innovative digital methods. This way we guarantee convincing and profitable marketing that fully meets your requirements. In the following lines you can find out which digital advantages you can benefit from when you commission Engel & Völkers real estate agents in Germany.

The Engel & Völkers Germany property synopsis: informative, versatile, convincing

The basis of our real estate marketing are our individual, informative online exposés, which are listed in the international Engel & Völkers online portfolio. This way we achieve a cross-border reach for you and address potential buyers in your area, throughout Germany and beyond.

The synopsis works like a digital figurehead for the sale of your house or villa in Germany. Here your Engel & Völkers real estate agent lists all the relevant data of the property and creates a high-quality description text that contains more details on the characteristics, location and condition of the property. The visual representation of the property is central to the persuasiveness of the synopsis. With professional photos or videos, the prospective buyer can create an in-depth impression of the property. In addition, digital 3D tours of service providers such as Matterport can also be set up: prospective buyers can use their own computer or mobile device to move freely in the villa or house to be sold and can collect first spatial impressions of the property before making an appointment. Thanks to the provision of additional materials such as floor plans or the energy certificate, every prospective buyer is well informed with the synopsis from Engel & Völkers Germany and receives the ideal basis for contacting his real estate agent and specifying the purchase interest.

- Engel & Völkers Deutschland helps you sell your spacious home in Germany

The Engel & Völkers owner app: As a seller in Germany, always well informed

Engel & Völkers has developed the owner app so that you are always informed about the current progress of the marketing process of your house or villa in Germany and do not have to wait for irregular reports: A digital application with which you can use important parameters relevant to sales regardless of time and location access - no matter whether from a smartphone, tablet or computer. How many interested parties have already visited your property exposé? How many contact requests have been received? What marketing activities has Engel & Völkers Germany already undertaken for you? The Engel & Völkers owner app provides specific information about these and other aspects. If there are further questions about your property sale, you also have the option of contacting your personal real estate agent directly via the app, so that even detailed questions can be answered quickly and transparently.

The Engel & Völkers owner app: A gadget that unites all information channels for you as a seller!

Fully digital working methods at Engel & Völkers Germany ensure excellent results

Our real estate agent teams work on the basis of the pioneering Engel & Völkers system platform - a conglomerate of essential tools, apps and methods that guarantee productive, dynamic and targeted performance. Since quick responsiveness and the reliability of the available data are often of great value, especially in the digital age, it goes without saying that we fully meet the technical requirements of the industry.

Cutting-edge market data that can be called up at any time, access to a database of international contacts and uncompromising hardware equipment ideally complement the expertise of our real estate agents and make them the ideal partner for your real estate sales.

Opt for the profitable sale of your house or villa in Germany and convince yourself of the extensive possibilities that our digital marketing repertoire holds for you. We would be happy to offer you a free, non-binding assessment of the value of your villa or house in advance by one of our expert experts, in order to give you an idea of ​​the sales price to be achieved. In a consultation based on this, we discuss how your property can be sold in the best possible way and develop a tailor-made marketing concept for you. You can now contact our real estate agents using the form on the right of the screen - we look forward to hearing from you!

Property offers in Germany - How your property could be placed for sale

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We know the true value of your property

Do you know how much your property is currently worth? No matter if you just want to inform yourself about the current market-price, or if you wish to sell your property for the best price: our experienced marketing experts are happy to assist you with a free and non-binding valuation.

Engel & Völkers - Real estate in Germany

Real estate investing in Germany, whether it's for private or commercial use, can be a highly rewarding venture. We've been operating in the this real estate market for over 30 years, and have offered commercial brokerage services since 1988. Our specialist shops are staffed by advisors that are always on hand to help you find the perfect space, be it for business or personal investment. If you’re seeking real estate in Germany, then read on for valuable insight.

Property for sale in Germany

The residential real estate market in Germany, particularly the premium side, is currently performing very well. We only deal with high-end properties, and are perfectly placed to help you find your dream house for sale in Germany. The commercial sector is well suited for rental investments in particular, with office properties in high demand. If you're looking for a strong return on investment when you sell property in Germany, our teams can ensure you locate the right retail, office or industrial space for your portfolio.

Residential properties in Germany

The cities dominate the German residential markets. Berlin remains one of the highest-value areas, as does Munich. However, you'll find plenty of premium houses for sale in Germany out in the countryside too. If you're considering real estate investing, then high-end properties will offer you the greatest returns, especially in the current climate. We ensure that our portfolio contains only the very best property for sale in Germany, so you don't have to spend time sorting through lengthy lists of low-value prospects.

1) Buying and selling apartments

Choosing to buy an apartment in Germany, especially in a city, can be a solid investment. Whether you're planning on selling an apartment, living there yourself or renting, now is a great time for the German property market in general. Large exclusive residential complexes are of particularly high value at the moment,and lowering interest rates make this a good time to purchase a residential property too. Berlin is currently a great location for apartment sellers and renters; particularly Berlin-Mitte and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf where apartments are garnering high prices.

2) Buying and selling houses

Looking to buya house in Germany? Luxury homes are always in demand, especially in urban areas. Earlier this year, we reported that Munich saw the largest increase in value for detached and semi-detached properties inthe Oberföhring district. Stuttgart is also a prime location for upscale property. Our studies found that the sale value of mansions in this area rose dramatically last year. High-end houses are an excellent way to get an impressive return on investment given the current market trends. 

3) Urban and rural properties

One thing to consider if you're looking at investing in real estate in Germany is whether to opt for a rural or urban location. While markets certainly make the most movement in cities and the surrounding areas, there are superb investments to be found in rural locales as well. The current rise in housing prices in urban centres makes it a much better climate for sellers. This is causing an investor trend of moving to second tier cities and more rural areas. Slightly more remote properties are likely to only increase in value as the urban markets stabilise.

Commercial properties in Germany

We apply the same approach to our commercial portfolios in Germany as well. Current trends indicate that it's a great time to invest in a commercial German property, and demand for smaller retail and office spaces is set to increase. This means long-term rental demand is also on the rise. Commercial property investment requires different skills and approaches to residential lettings, which is why our agents know their local markets, be they in Germany or abroad. Ongoing training and analysis ensures our teams can help you with consultation and brokerage as well as buying and selling.

1) Industrial and logistics

As online retail and startups continue to take more of a share of the retail market overall, the demand for storage and logistic space also continues to grow. This means that warehouse space,especially if it's well connected to transport networks, is in demand. If you have an existing facility you wish to sell, then now is a good time. Our experienced team can take you through all the necessary steps. Conversely, if you're looking to buy commercial space as an online retailer or small company, we can help you find the right option for your business. 

2) Office

Also related to the startup boom and increase in online retail is the accompanying demand for office space. Location, however, is growing in importance. Smaller businesses and their employees are more focused than ever on the whereabouts of their workplace, as well as what amenities and cultural locations are within reach. Affluent regions are increasingly becoming the focus of investors for this reason, as well as the fact such areas tend to have lower competition intensity. 

3) Retail properties

Traditional retail properties like shops and outlets are less of a secure investment in the current climate. While online retailers are driving demand for smaller, better-placed offices and logistical space, this is having a backlash on the demand for conventional retail properties in Germany. That said, an increase in sales of retail space is expected according to some sources, which means it's a potentially good climate if you're considering selling yours in order to diversify your investments or alter your existing portfolio.


At Engel &Völkers we pride ourselves on being able to offer transparent, concise and expert advice on real estate in Germany. Have a look at our property insights for inspiration and tips, or contactus today.