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Sell ​​house or villa in Germany: How to optimize the market value of your property

If you have decided to sell your villa or house in Germany, you are committed to generating the maximum revenue from the upcoming transaction. The current market value of a property is by no means unchangeable - it depends on a number of significant influencing factors that, ideally, can increase the actual sales price achieved by a considerable amount. As a real estate agent of your choice, the Engel & Völkers Germany team has been dedicated to maximizing the value of houses, villas and other residential properties for decades. Based on this experience, we would like to present you with the most important measures that contribute to increasing your final sales return in this article. The best results can be achieved by consulting one of our real estate experts. Learn more!
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The condition of your home or villa as a basic value indicator

Before you start publicizing the sale offer for your residential property in Germany, you should get a full picture of the current state of the villa or house. This affects both the purely structural substance as well as a function of the complete building technology. Since it can quickly become confusing when these features are recorded, Engel & Völkers Germany exclusively offers you a free valuation of your property in which we take all the essential factors into account and use them to determine the selling price.

Based on this, you can decide whether you want to have any defects repaired. Our experience as a real estate agent testifies to numerous cases in which a thorough renovation of villas and houses has not only contributed to a price advantage, but also to a shorter sales time. Depending on the extent of the work required, a renovation is therefore recommended in advance of the sale.

In addition, do not underestimate the importance of the appearance of your property: A technically flawless house whose façade and interior seem worn or rundown, leaves a disadvantageous impression on your prospective buyers. A fresh coat of paint, new coverings and clean surfaces, on the other hand, are inviting and encourage buying interest - be aware of this effect in any case.

Increase the attractiveness of your property with modernization and extra equipment

Especially if your house or villa has reached a certain age, you should consider possible modernization measures. Possible improvements include, for example, state-of-the-art insulation technology to increase energy efficiency, heating systems with higher efficiency, modern safety electronics or high-quality bathroom or kitchen equipment. The more benefits the property has for the prospective buyer, the more likely he is to pay the price you set. Your added benefit: For installations that improve energy efficiency, you can apply for government subsidies to keep costs low. Your Engel & Völkers real estate agent will tell you which options are available to you in this context in a personal, non-binding consultation.

It all depends on the right presentation: your real estate agent cleverly stages your sales property

When all the real estate property engineering arrangements have been completed, there should be a high-impact, high-efficiency commercialization phase in which you present the sales offer of your villa or house to a predetermined target audience. This is best achieved with the support of your Engel & Völkers estate agent: Your property receives an individual, high-quality exposé with effective photos and, if desired, the possibility of video or 3D tours. Your villa or your house will then be listed in our sales portfolio for Germany, which can be viewed online worldwide and allows a focused search for real estate like yours. At the same time, we also target people from our extensive contact network, whom we have identified as generally interested in purchasing real estate. Through this dual approach, we reach prospective buyers who are willing to pay the estimated price, which translates into increased returns for you.

The cooperation with Engel & Völkers when selling your villa or house in Germany, in combination with appropriate refurbishment and modernization measures, is the best way to sell your property at a top price. Our real estate agents are looking forward to discussing your matter with you in person soon!

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