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Hamburg Othmarschen: Real estate sales in the green district on the Elbe

The history of Othmarschen: From rural village to a versatile villa district

When it comes to its name, the importance of the district of Othmarschen is probably pointing quite obviously to a "swamp" or "marsh", that is to say marshland, which lay before the walls of Hamburg hundreds of years ago. Only a few peasants were settled here in the Middle Ages, a small, insignificant suburb. The first country houses and villas of wealthy merchants, who had discovered the tranquility of rural life, developed here in the middle of the eighteenth century, and gradually gave Othmarschen more and more importance. Nevertheless, the population remained low for a long time, and even today Othmarschen is one of the quietest and most tranquil districts in Hamburg. It benefits from the pleasant interaction of natural recreational areas and modern infrastructure, so that the district is regarded as a suitable real estate location and opens up good sales opportunities.

The cityscape of Othmarschen pleases the eye:

To the south of the district, the Elbchaussee Alley, named after the Elbe river, is a tree-lined avenue of villas, from which the sandy beaches on the banks of the river Elbe are not far. It is the most exclusive residential area in Othmarschen, which is characterized by its wonderful location and the chosen neighborhood. In addition to Blankenese, Othmarschen is one of Hamburg's most prosperous districts, so a peaceful and respectful neighborhood-culture is highly valued, which also speaks for this real estate location. Apart from the Elbchaussee, one and two-family houses and villas dominate the appearance of Othmarschen. In particular, "Kaffeemühlen" - single-family houses made of red clinker brickwork with a black roof are now part of Hamburg's architectural heritage and are often found here. In the east of the district, on the other hand, lies the economic center with leisure and shopping opportunities.

The many old trees, greenery and parks play a vital role in the quality of life in Othmarschen. It quickly becomes evident: the district invites you to feel good in high-quality real estate - whether a villa or house - and is thus ideal for sale to families.

- Othmarschen

Between Jenischpark and Altem Sweden: Nature in Hamburg Othmarschen

The already mentioned natural spaces and monuments in Hamburg Othmarschen provide a relaxing way of recreation. The Jenischpark has even become a well-known region, as one of the most important parks in the north of the Federal Republic. With a total area of 42 hectares, it is by far the largest park in the mansion quarter, of which the extensive vast lawns make up some of the largest parts. The park houses two museums, one in the Jenisch-Haus, as well as another in the Ernst-Barlach-Haus, hosting varied exhibitions, where art and culture lovers can feel excited. A completely different, but no less astonishing piece of nature can be found near the Elbchaussee on the banks of the river Elbe: "Alte Schwede", the largest foundling of Hamburg. The boulder, which has its origin in Sweden and which was transported to modern Hamburg during the ice age, is 217 tonnes, 4.5 meters high and a popular excursion destination.

- Othmarschen

Real estate location with practical extras

Villas and houses in Hamburg Othmarschen offer great sales opportunities not only because of the proximity to the Elbe river and its natural location; The district is also known for its practical, everyday aspects. On the Waitzstraße to the north there are numerous sales outlets. It is the main shopping street for Othmarschen and Groß Flottbek. The Waitzstraße offers a variety of opportunities for the daily necessities as well as for cozy shopping in boutiques and specialty shops. There's also nothing left to be desired as far as the culinary delights are concerned, as some of the tasteful restaurants and bars are also located on site and pamper their guests with local and international specialties. The Waitzstrasse is rightfully regarded as the social center of Othmarschen, which can be reached quickly by the nearby S-Bahn station.

With the Christianeum, gymnasiale school education in Othmarschen has been a tradition for more than 250 years, where students can take the Abitur test to this day. The large Flottbeker tennis, hockey and golf club in the north-west are also open to you with their sporting activities. All this is not enough for you? No problem, as the expansion of the federal highway 7 and the new Elbtunnel, which connects Othmarschen and Waltershof, allows you to reach the other parts of the Hansestadt effortlessly and fast.

- Othmarschen

The market situation for villas and houses in Hamburg Othmarschen

In the traditional villa district of Othmarschen, the real estate market is primarily determined by historical and modern villas, as well as single and two-family houses. The famous "Hamburger Kaffeemühlen" (Hamburger Kaffeemühlen), which have been described previously, are also becoming more and more popular, which is why the prices for all the above-mentioned real estate categories continue to rise. Between 2007 and 2016, a price increase of 73% was registered, with no end in sight. The sale of house or villa is therefore worth more than ever, especially if you trust Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe as your real estate broker to be a strong partner with decades of experience on the local market. After an appropriate market evaluation of your house or villa, we develop a comprehensive marketing concept, place your property in our online and offline networks and guarantee you an above-average range of services. A meaningful exposé ensures the ideal presentation of your property, so that you can look forward to a suitable buyer promptly.

Curious? This link is an overview of the properties currently advertised in Hamburg Othmarschen. Here you can get some more detailed insights. We would be very happy to discuss your project with you in person!

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