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Art in the home

Being able to admire works of art in one's own home has, throughout the ages, been something special. Let's take a close look at how works of art actually make an impact. We also have tips on acquisition and placement with the interior in mind.

- Art in one's own four walls uplifts the ambience and outlook on life. We reveal how to find your personal favourite work of art. Learn more in the blog!

The impact of art on people

Art has a positive effect on people! The mere presence of works of art and their aesthetic appeal can relax us. If we open up to their message or engage in artistic activity ourselves, it has a positive effect on our brain's resting-state network. This effect is completely independent of age and can be of great support especially in stressful phases of our lives. Even the immune system is stimulated.

Experiencing and sometimes coping with emotions is one of life's challenges. Here, art can act as a bridge, because it can express beauty and joy as well as sadness. We can experience this intensively by visiting an exhibition, for example. But if we also surround ourselves at home with works of art that are meaningful to us, it will not only uplift the living ambience, but also our outlook on life. 

How and where can I find a suitable work of art for my home?

You don't have to be an expert to engage with a work of art. Actually, the opposite is true, because to approach it with an open mind is exactly what the artist wants from the beholder!

A good way to find inspiring art for your own walls is not only to check out the current trends on the art market, but to act on your own feelings and preferences. Art will always unfold on the basis of subjective perception by the influence of one's own stored visual schemata. For "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", as a Greek historian aptly put it.

The art market is diverse. You can find inspiration in persona in the small gallery in the old town, at the antiques or art market in the town hall or at an auction as well as in the online art gallery, which has the artwork of your choice ready for dispatch in just a few clicks.

Art and personal taste are not dependent on budget. Although there is no upper limit to the price spectrum, art can be affordable for every budget. Therefore, find out what appeals to you most, be it paintings or perhaps sculptures. Which category appeals to your senses? Is it landscapes, still lifes or more abstract art? 

Professional support 

If you are looking for guidance with finding your work of art, you can turn to art connoisseurs who offer consultations specifically tailored to the needs of the art buyer. In this way, you will learn from a knowledgeable source which art objects you could focus on.

Comprehensive all-round carefree packages are often offered. The consultant assists the client in the selection process and professional dealers can make valid statements on the possible appreciation potential of the works of certain artists. Last but not least, you will also be assisted in choosing a suitable location and lighting concept, and in the professional installation at your home.

Tips for the successful placement of your art 

Art communicates not only with people but also with the furnishings, which should accordingly be integrated into the overall concept. A simple rule is "small to small" and "large to large". 

If you would like to accommodate several pictures or paintings or rearrange them if you buy additional ones, you can find the right arrangement by means of test hangings on a drawing or on the wall. 

There are many arrangement options, which are ultimately decided by space and preference. Petersburg hanging is a classic - many pictures, close together - or a row with equal spacing. There is also a basic rule for the right height: the midpoint of the picture at eye level. Keep a distance of about 20 cm above furniture such as sofas standing against the wall, otherwise the picture will not come into its own.

Secure hanging requires expert wall mounting. Screws, dowels and spirit level are recommended for this purpose. Picture rails allow for easy replacement. 

The decision need not be forever

If you like variety, you don't have to commit to a work of art by buying it. There is also the delightful possibility of renting art objects. If this idea appeals to you, find out about the options in specialised art libraries or even libraries in your area and enjoy ever new inspiration in your own four walls.

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