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Interior Trend: Home staging tips

It’s important to present the best possible version of your property to buyers, securing a better price and faster sale. Small details like ensuring your home is at a comfortable temperature can make a surprisingly big difference, so gathered here are some simple, practical tips to help you stage your property.

Be aware of curb appeal

The importance of first impressions is often underestimated.  A buyer's assessment of a property begins the moment they park outside your house, so make sure your doors and windows are freshly painted. The garden should be neat and weed free, and you may want to add some pots full of blooming, seasonal flowers, uplifting visitors’ moods as they walk up to the door. If your house number or name isn’t immediately obvious, add a pretty sign to the gate or repaint the lettering, avoiding the scenario of buyers arriving already frustrated after getting lost on your street.

Interior Trend: Home staging tips

Emphasise space

By minimising clutter, you’ll make each room seem bigger, opening up the space and allowing prospective buyers to see the full potential of your property. Keep children's favourite toys in a special box so that they can easily find them after each showing, without undermining the staging. Space can also be amplified with a bright white or light neutral paint, which will reflect light back into the room and lend an air of elegant simplicity to your décor.

Define each room

Carefully plan your home staging to ensure that each room has a clearly defined purpose. If, for example, you have a study that also serves as a miscellaneous storage room, rearrange the furniture so that it’s presented solely as a study. You can rent statement items, ask to borrow specific pieces from a friend, or move paintings and furniture around your house so that each room is perfectly balanced, with a immediately evident function.


Every part of your property, from floors to door handles, should look as sparkling, clean and new as possible. This is particularly important in decisive rooms like the kitchen, as buyers can often be won over by new-looking appliances and countertops. Just before a showing, create a positive ambience by lighting scented candles or putting some ready-to-bake rolls in the oven. This will entice guests to stay and explore while simultaneously neutralising other odours.

Walk through

Before a showing, walk through every room of your property, imagining yourself as a visitor there. Ask yourself questions: what could be improved? Would you enjoy staying here? Perhaps your living room looks a little bare and would be cosier with a rug on the floor, or the soap in your bathroom is running out and could do with replacing. Add welcoming touches like freshly cut flowers, and build a wood fire in the hearth or put the air conditioning on to ensure each room is at a comfortable temperature.

If you would like more expert advice on staging your property for a sale, or on any other element of buying and selling your home, contact Engel & Völkers. With shops based in 39 countries around the world, we'll help you make the most of your property, wherever you are.

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