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Laminate flooring - the versatile choice with unlimited design variants

The days when laminate flooring was labelled as inferior and harmful to health are long gone. Today, these panels are not only ecologically sound, but can also be visual interior highlights in all living and working areas with their wide variety of different decors. We dispel the prejudices, inform you about the advantages of laminate flooring and provide you with the necessary know-how to make a good choice for your own four walls.

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What exactly is laminate flooring?

Real wood floors and laminate have become difficult to distinguish from each other visually. Both are made from the natural material wood. However, laminate is not made of solid wood, but is manufactured from high-density fibreboard. The respective decorative layer is impregnated with a melamine resin and bonded to the substrate with a transparent overlay by heat under pressure.

All natural wood variants and colours, but also stone and tile looks can be achieved in this way. If you like the country house style, opt for floorboards. A modern industrial style can be accomplished with planks in ship's deck look. From simple to elegant and from natural to extravagant - there are no limits to the possibilities of individual room design with laminate.

The convincing features of laminate flooring 

There are indeed many good reasons for using laminate flooring in your next renovation or in the furnishing of your new building. It is not without reason that this floor covering is becoming increasingly popular. 

In general, laminate flooring is robust and easy to clean, and when it comes to the price, it offers impressive value for money. On top of that, the buyer has the choice between different quality levels, which again allows a gradation of the purchase price.

If you would like to install the new laminate flooring yourself, you can do so successfully even if you don't have any special DIY skills. Thanks to the patented click system, it can be fitted easily and accurately with little practice.

In most laminate designs, the so-called impact sound insulation, a sound-absorbing layer, is already integrated, so that the individual sections can be fitted as a floating floor in a single step. Bonding to the substrate is not necessary. This is particularly advantageous for uneven floors, and it is very easy to remove the floor if it has to be relocated or replaced.

Maintaining laminate is also easy and straightforward. It can be swept with a soft hair broom, vacuumed or, if it is more heavily soiled, wiped with pure water. To achieve the occasional "like-new" look, special laminate care products and cleaning agents from the specialist trade can be applied. Furthermore, the floor is robust, scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent. As it is easy to keep hygienically clean, it is suitable for allergy sufferers and also for medical practices.  

Laminate can withstand light and sunlight and is not prone to age-related discolouration. The basic colour selected is retained in unchanged quality for a long time. You can install laminate over underfloor heating. For this, we recommend that you observe the specific manufacturer's instructions on suitability.

Areas of application and service classes of laminate flooring

In principle, laminate floors are suitable for all living and business spaces. They can even be installed in industrial areas. The basic quality of your laminate can be identified by the thickness of the individual panels and the workmanship of the components. The tongue and groove click mechanism should be solid and of good quality.

To be able to decide which laminate version meets your requirements, you can use the service classes specified by the manufacturer as a guide. These provide information about the durability of the floor. For use in the home, for example, a distinction can be made between low use (e.g. in the guest room), normal use (e.g. in the kitchen) or heavy use (e.g. in a frequently used hallway) in order to achieve the best durability in terms of value for money.

You will also find the so-called IP value indicated on the packages. It denotes the abrasion resistance of the material. It ranges from low to high load capacity and is directly related to durability and service life.

In summary, laminate is an easy-to-install and easy-to-clean floor covering with an above-average range of authentic design variants and quality levels. This makes it recommendable for all areas of application, both in private households and for commercial use, and affordable for every budget.

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