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Engel & Völkers Ski Ranking: St. Moritz chalet sells for highest price

The highest price recorded for a ski property is for a chalet in St. Moritz, Switzerland, which is currently on sale for 46.7 million euros (51.6 million USD / 50 million CHF). This emerges from a ranking of the Top 10 ski destinations worldwide that has now been published by Engel & Völkers. In addition to Europe, the ranking also includes ski regions in the USA and Canada. Every year, these regions attract skiers and winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world, including many famous names. „We are pleased to present the top ski real estate properties worldwide in this ranking,“ says Sven Odia, CEO of Engel & Völkers AG. The data used in the ranking is based on the top prices for detached ski properties and top prices per square metre for freehold apartments in those ski regions worldwide where Engel & Völkers is represented.

- Engel & Völkers Ski Resorts Top 10 Ranking. Highest priced residence in St. Moritz for 46.7 million €. Price per sqm of 33,900 € for apartment in Gstaad. (Credit: Engel&Völkers St. Moritz)

Ranking of the Top 10 ski destinations worldwide*

Highest price in the top segment per square metre for freehold apartments

  1. Gstaad, Switzerland - 33,900 EUR (37,400 USD /36,600 CHF)
  2. Whistler-Blackcomb, Canada - 25,100 EUR (28,000 USD)
  3. Aspen, USA - 23,700 EUR (26,400 USD)
  4. Kitzbühel, Austria - 18,700 EUR (20,600 USD)
  5. St. Moritz, Switzerland - 18,500 EUR (20,400 USD /20,000 CHF)
  6. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy - 18,000 EUR (19,900 USD)
  7. Zermatt, Switzerland - 16,700 EUR (18,400 USD /18,000 CHF)
  8. Davos, Switzerland - 12,100 EUR (13,300 USD /13,100 CHF)
  9. Vail, USA - 11,800 EUR (13,100 USD)
  10. Courmayeur, Italy - 11,000 EUR (13,100 USD)

Highest price for a residential property*

  1. St. Moritz, Switzerland - 46.7 mill. EUR (51.6 mill. USD /50.0 mill. CHF)
  2. Aspen, USA - 20.8 mill. EUR (23.0 mill. USD)
  3. Zermatt, Switzerland - 20.6 mill. EUR (22.7 mill. USD / 22.0 mill. CHF)
  4. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy - 17.0 mill. EUR (17.5 mill. USD)
  5. Kitzbühel, Austria   - 14.9 mill. EUR (16.4 mill. USD)
  6. Whistler-Blackcomb, Canada - 12.1 mill. EUR (13.4 mill. USD)
  7. Gstaad, Switzerland - 12.1 mill. EUR (13.5 mill. USD / 13.0 mill. CHF)
  8. Vail, USA - 11.3 mill. EUR (12.5 mill. USD)
  9. Courmayeur, Italy - 5.5 mill. EUR (6.1 mill. USD)
  10. Davos, Switzerland - 4.3 mill. EUR (4.7 mill. USD /4.6 mill. CHF)

* The data used in the ranking is based on ski properties brokered by Engel & Völkers or offered for sale on the market in ski resort locations in 2019. The ranking takes into consideration the highest prices for residential properties in countries where Engel & Völkers is represented. All prices in CHF and USD were calculated on the basis of the current exchange rate with the Euro and are subject to variation.


Source: Engel & Völkers, data collected in December 2019

Top prices per square metre: Switzerland, Canada und USA in the Top 3

In the segment of freehold apartments in ski resorts, Gstaad is ranked in first place with a top price per square metre of 33,900 euros (37,400 USD / CHF 36,600). Anyone looking to buy a premium freehold apartment in Canada will pay up to 25,100 euros per square metre (28,000 USD). Whistler-Blackcomb commands such prices and therefore comes second in the ranking, closely followed by Aspen with a price high of 23,700 euros (26,400 USD). In the Austrian ski resort of Kitzbühel, freehold apartments in prime locations cost up to 18,700 euros per square metre (20,600 USD). This places the Tyrolean winter sports region in fourth place in the ranking. The famous Swiss ski resort of St. Moritz is in fifth place. Prices per square metre here reached 18,500 euros (20,400 USD / 20,000 CHF) in luxury locations. The Venetian winter sports region of Cortina d’Ampezzo ranks in sixth place with a top recorded price per square metre of 18,000 euros (19,900 USD). Zermatt and Davos come in seventh and eighth place in the ranking, with freehold apartments selling in prime locations for prices per square metre of up to 16,700 euros (18,400 USD / 18,000 CHF) and 12,100 euros (13,300 USD / 13,100 CHF) respectively. In Vail, the second largest ski resort in the USA, freehold apartments commanded top prices of up to 11,800 euros (13,100 USD) per square metre. Finally, Courmayeur also makes it onto the ranking with a top price of 11,000 euros (13,100 USD) per square metre.

 Prices for ski properties reach new record highs

With an asking price of 46.7 million euros (51.6 million USD / 50.0 million CHF) for an exclusive chalet on the Suvretta Hillside, St. Moritz comes in first place in the ranking of detached ski properties. In Aspen, ranked in second place, a luxury property was successfully brokered by Engel & Völkers for 20.8 million euros (23.0 million USD). With a top asking price of 20.6 million euros (22.7 million USD / 22.0 million CHF) for a chalet, Zermatt takes third place in the ranking. Cortina d’Ampezzo is in fourth place with a top price of 17.0 million euros for a ski property (17.5 million USD). In the legendary winter sports region of Kitzbühel, a luxury detached residence costs as much as 14.9 million euros (16.4 million USD). In Whistler-Blackcomb, Canada, a property is currently on sale for 12.1 million euros (13.4 million USD) – placing the resort in British Columbia in sixth place in the ranking. Gstaad is ranked seventh in the ski ranking, in the category for the highest priced detached properties: A chalet is currently on the market through Engel & Völkers in the upmarket village in the Swiss canton of Bern for 12.1 million euros (13.5 million USD / 13.0 million CHF). In the US ski resort of Vail (eighth place in the ranking), the top recorded asking price for a detached ski property is currently 11.3 million euros (12.5 million USD). In Courmayeur, a luxury property can be acquired for as much as 5.5 million euros (6.1 million USD), placing the village in Italy’s Aosta Valley in ninth place in the ranking. Davos rounds off the Top 10 with a top asking price of 4.3 million euros (4.7 million USD / 4.6 million CHF). "For the upcoming years we expect an increase in prices for luxury ski real estate. The market for second home properties in this segment is growing exponentially due to factors such as the exposed locations and unique amenities," concludes Sven Odia.

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