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Living the High Life: Changing Skylines and Invaluable Partnerships

An Interview with David Schmitt, Managing Director Development Services Frankfurt

David Schmitt is the managing director of Engel & Völkers Development Services Frankfurt. For many years he has witnessed the dynamic changes of Frankfurt’s skyline and why it is important to build strong and trusting partnerships with property developers. As a result of changing customer wishes - often influenced by current global living trends - extensive market expertise and sales experience are necessary to be successful in the area of new development. David Schmitt presents his understanding of "living the high life" and speaks about the new development project One Forty West in Frankfurt. Learn how to achieve sustainable success in new development in his video and interview below.

The new development project One Forty West has won the Red Dot Award for Design. What do you think makes this project so unique?

One Forty West has a special appeal due to its location in the west of the city. This is underlined by the special façade design, which consists of balconies running helically around the building. Whether coming into Frankfurt from the north, south, east or west, One Forty West has a radiant presence. And it is a building designed for its residents, offering them views in all directions.

You have been working at Engel & Völkers for 10 years now and have witnessed a major change in the market during this time. In which way have global living concepts changed in recent years?

Global living concepts are subject to constant change. Until about a year ago, reduction to the essentials, I would almost call it minimalism, was a big trend. And with it, a smaller average living space. This, of course, without compromising on quality and furnishings. For some time now, however, the home has again become more important than ever, and people are demanding more space to flourish within their own four walls. Green outdoor spaces, such as garden areas, balconies or loggias, are currently also experiencing a new boom. In other words, "green living" in a broad sense is trending - evidently tightly related to a heightened awareness of sustainability.

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Engel & Völkers Development Services is the main point of contact for the developer during all phases of a new development project. In your opinion, what does good cooperation between the two parties look like?

Good collaboration is characterised above all by the fact that we work with the developer as equals. Successful cooperation is characterised by trust, reliability and constructive exchange. We are just as crucial for the success of the project as the architect, interior designer and general contractor. That's why we accompany every project with a lot of heart and soul and passion.

As Managing Director of Engel & Völkers Development Services Frankfurt, you have a very special insight into how your team works and how you cooperate with property developers. How do your services for developers differ from those of your competitors?

Our service approach is an all-encompassing one. We don't just get on board when the marketing starts, no, we are already involved in the conception, target group definition and equipment design. Here, our global Engel & Völkers network helps us with inspiration from all over the world, from Miami to Hong Kong. We are always up to date with regards to trends and know what buyers expect.

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