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Our services portfolio: Acting as an extension of the developer’s team

An interview with Roberto Magaglio, Managing Director of Development Services Milan

Roberto Magaglio is the managing director of Development Services Milan. As the residential licence partner, he has extensive knowledge on the real estate business and is able to continuously incorporate this expertise in the field of property development. In Milan, Roberto Magaglio and his team act as an extension of the property developer’s team, in order to align with their expectations and deliver professional services on the sales side. To this end, Development Services Milan is an expert in analysing local market conditions as well as recognizing existing and up-and-coming trends. Moreover, consulting on land acquisition, construction planning and new building layouts are just a few services provided throughout the development process. In his video and interview below, Roberto Magaglio speaks about the most important milestones that he and his team support developers in achieving and why passion is key in new development.

As an extension of the developer’s team you enter in close partnerships with the developers and accompany them throughout all steps of the new development project. Could you describe the key decision making milestones during a new development project?

The very first milestone for the developer is the decision whether or not to buy a plot or the building intended for redevelopment. This is the first and most important starting point and we help the developer to assess the correct market price in order to “reverse check” their calculation. Following this decision we then act as a consultant together with the architects in order to match the real estate product offer with the market demand. To this end we use our knowledge and experience of the market. In the meanwhile we start creating the “audience” for the development. Finally we help create and deploy a sales strategy that meets the needs of the developer, repeatedly rechecking and reassessing the strategy as times goes by.

Which project(s) are you currently marketing in Milan and how do these stand out from other new developments?

Actually we are in the third phase of a luxury 100+ flats in the central area in Milan on behalf of a major institutional real estate investing company. Moreover, Via Menotti differs from other developments thanks to its unique size and prime central location.

As Managing Director of Engel & Völkers Development Services Milan you have a very special insight into how your team works and how you collaborate with developers. How do the services you offer to developers differ from those of your competitors?

When it comes to being different from competitors in Milan, passion is one of our core values. As a member of the E&V family, we also benefit from the international network. By combining passion with local market knowledge and with our global network, we are able to provide an excellent service to the developer.

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