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Our property development references

From modern residences in central city locations to townhouses or villa projects on the outskirts of town: Discover the property development projects of Engel & Völkers Development Services at the various locations!


Am Gleispark Berlin

Units 34

Price from 429.000 EUR

Blankenburger 6 Berlin

Units 14

Price from 215.000 EUR

Christburger 18 Berlin

Units 25

Price from 294.800 EUR

Falkenhöfe Berlin

Units 20

Price from 230.000 EUR

Königsallee Berlin

Units 6

Price from 854.000 EUR

Liesen Berlin

Units 11

Price from 379.000 EUR

Paul & Fleming Berlin

Units 19

Price from 306.500 EUR

Petersburger Platz 8 Berlin

Units 10

Price from 399.000 EUR

Schilling Berlin

Units 32

Price from 250.000 EUR

Tieck39 Berlin

Units 10

Price from 492.500 EUR

Zoo Gärten Düsseldorf

Units 22

Price from 890.000 EUR

One Forty West Frankfurt

Units 94

Price from 695.000 EUR

Blanche N°83 Hamburg

Units 24

Price from 525.000 EUR

Brückenquartier Hamburg

Units 56

Price from 195.000 EUR

Elbchaussee 23 Hamburg

Units 27

Price from 1.950.000 EUR

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Units 44

Price from 1.570.000 EUR

Strandhaus Hamburg

Units 67

Price from 1.650.000 EUR

Wohnen im Herzen der Rostocker City

Units 80

Price from 245.000 EUR


Mare de Déu del Coll Barcelona

Units 10

Price from 350.000 EUR

Mare de Déu de Lorda Barcelona

Units 2

Price from 14.000.000 EUR

Plaza Lesseps Barcelona

Units 4

Price from 650.000 EUR

Reina Victoria Barcelona

Units 5

Price from 1.500.000 EUR

Carranza Madrid

Units 11

Price from 690.855 EUR

Exclusive newly built apartments in Madrid

Units 11

Price from 770.000 EUR

Mar Cantabrico 10 Madrid

Units 4

Price from 945.000 EUR

Zorrilla Madrid

Units 11

Price from 2.835.000 EUR

Amber Village Mallorca

Units 24

Price from 1.870.000 EUR

New Folies Mallorca

Units 41

Price from 2.105.000 EUR

Cap Adriano Mallorca

Units 9

Price from 11.950.000 EUR​

Green Elements Mallorca

Units 26

Price from 1.300.000 EUR

Can Santacília Mallorca

Units 16

Price from 595.000 EUR

Sa Puntassa Mallorca

Units 72

Price from 850.000 EUR

Parallel Mallorca

Units 12

Price from 760.000 EUR

Valencia Golf Residential Valencia

Units 7

Price from 287.000 EUR

Residencial Quatre Carreres Valencia

Units 44

Price from 244.000 EUR


The Westvillage Kitzbüheler Alpen

Units 7

Price from 560.000 EUR

Kellerwirt Tirol

Units 20

Price from 260.000 EUR

Lake Side Residence Walchsee

Units 17

Price from 310.000 EUR

Khekgasse 13 Wien

Units 25

Price from 200.804 EUR


Imperial Yacht Club St. Petersburg

Units 61

Price from 650.000 EUR 

United States of America

Palm Cay Bahamas New Providence

Units 271

Price from 700.000 EUR

One Ocean Bahamas Paradise Island

Units 79

Price from 995.425 EUR

Astoria Norcross

Units 26

Price from 577.408 EUR

The Lynx Golf Estate Palm Beach

Units 13

Price from 1.224.127 EZUR

Lakesides at Mayflower Park City

Units 280

Price from 707.936 EUR

Blackrock Montain Resort Park City

Units 200

Price from 383.531 EUR

Black Rock Ridge Park City

Units 111 Condos, 258 Townhomes

Price from 638.512 EUR

Blackstone Residences Park City

Units 98

Price from 616.309 EUR

Brownstone on Main Park City

Units 6

Price from 2.082.762 EUR 

Quarry Spring Park City

Units 68 Townhouses

Price from 502.531 EUR

Sky Silver Park City

Units 30

Price from 1.183.232 EUR

Red Sage Townhomes Salt Lake City

Units 150

Price from 305.776 EUR

The Parkite Park City

Units 15

Price from 1.114.704 EUR

Sage Creek Moab

Units 108

Price from 502.531 EUR

Blackrock Montain Resort Park City

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