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EuV Fünf Seen Land GmbH

Engel& Völkers Licence Partner EuV Residential Lizenzholding GmbH

Hauptsraße 9

D-82319 Starnberg

Phone: +49 8151 36 89 70



Managing Director:

Holger Baete


HRB 234042 –Local court Starnberg

Steuernummer: 117/125/90221
Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: DE313002550


Consumer information on alternative dispute resolution (Article 14 (1) ODR-VO and § 36 VSBG)

The Internet platform for online dispute resolution (the so-called "OS platform") for consumers is available at the following link:

We do not participate in dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer sacking agency.

Terms and Conditions

1. The brokerage agreement between the client and us takes effect either by means of a written agreement or throughmaking use of our brokerage services on the basis of and in the knowledge of the fee payable for successfulbrokerage/referral. Unless provided for otherwise due to circumstances or divergent arrangements, the agreement hasa term of six months and shall extend automatically by an additional six months, unless either contracting party gives notice of termination one month before the end of the agreement.

2. During the term of the brokerage agreement with us, the client is not entitled to engage other agents with brokerage and/or referral services in relation to the relevant property. In the event of culpable violation of this provision, the client shall be liable to us for the losses sustained as a result.

3. Our brokerage and/or referral services are rendered on the basis of the information provided by our contracting partners or other persons authorised to provide information. Subject to errors and/or prior sale or rental.

4. We shall also be entitled to act for the other party to the main agreement on a fee basis, provided there is no conflict of interest.

5. Our entitlement to the fee shall remain unaffected if, through our brokerage and/or referral services, a rental agreement is concluded instead of the originally intended purchase agreement between the parties to the main agreement relating to the relevant property, or vice versa. The customary brokerage fee as defined in Section 653 Para. 2 BGB (German Civil Code) shall then be regarded as owed.

6. If, on conclusion of the brokerage agreement, the client is aware of the opportunity to enter into a contract with regard to the property on offer, and is aware of the willingness to conclude a contract on the part of the other party to the main agreement (prior knowledge), or if the client gains such knowledge from a third party during the term of the brokerage agreement, the client must inform us without delay.

7. Our property brochures, the property/contract-related information that we provide and our entire brokerage and/or referral services are intended exclusively for the client(s) addressed as recipients. The client is obliged to deal with the information etc. confidentially after conclusion of the brokerage agreement and not to pass such information on to third parties. If the client culpably violates this obligation, he/she shall be liable to us for compensation if our brokerage and/or referral services are unsuccessful as a result.

8. The fee is due on conclusion of the main agreement within the meaning of Section 652 Para. 1 BGB, if the main agreement is based on our contractual brokerage/referral services. In these circumstances the client is required to inform us, without delay, when the main agreement was concluded, for what fee and with what parties. The obligation to provide information shall not be affected by the fact that the main agreement is subject to a suspensory condition and this has not yet occurred.

9. The client may only assert rights of retention and set-offs against our claim for the fee insofar as the client's claims are based on the same contractual relationship (brokerage agreement) or if other claims are deemed to be undisputed or legally binding.

10. We do not participate in dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer sacking agency.