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Yachts for sale - setting sails towards freedom

Enter the world of luxury yachting: your next step towards the ultimate pleasure. Browse through our exclusive selection of yachts for sale to discover what could be your gateway to a unique holiday or a new way of life.

Yachting provides a wealth of memorable experiences for you and your guests; it allows you to create and curate moments that matter and which you will cherish forever. If a high standard of living and leisure is what you're after, it's only natural to want to take your ambition further. Here at Engel & Völkers Yachting, our mission is simple: to enable extraordinary experiences and enhance your concept of travelling and living.

- Luxurious sailing yacht for sale in front of mountains.

1. Engel & Völkers: Yachting experts

At Engel & Völkers, luxury living is our passion. Established in Germany more than four decades ago, we built a flawless reputation for expertise in premium residential property. Now, this vision has progressed and extended to yachting. Thanks to the phenomenal growth of our sailing and motor yacht brokerage services, our clients can access the perfect lifestyle complement with ease – where exploring and enjoying are one and the same. 

Today, we are proud of our leading reputation and business relationships with shipyard management and motor yacht manufacturers alike, including Sunseeker and Princess Yachts. Our sales team covers more than thirty countries around the world, with more than 10,000 highly experienced brokerage consultants, partners and staff.

2. Search yachts for sale with E&V

E&V's Yachting Division manages the finest selection of exclusive vessels, with a catalogue extending to almost every length and price available. Boasting exquisite features and the latest trends in technology and comfort standards, the portfolio features various masterpieces in nautical design and seagoing prowess. Onboard and at sea, everything comes together to create the most unforgettable experience.

As an example of unparalleled yachting sumptuousness, the Mikhail S. Vorontsov is a sublime sailing masterpiece. It boasts a massage room, wine cellar, private owner's saloon, sumptuous accommodation for guests and cutting-edge technology. Ready to transport you wherever you desire, its décor evokes a splendidly opulent 1920s theme. 

There again, the sheer majesty of the

Illusion Plus

is hard to beat. One of the largest and most luxurious Giga yachts ever built, she has six decks, a cinema, gym, sauna, exquisite VIP staterooms and elegant contemporary design throughout. This impeccably maintained vessel comes with such high-efficiency mechanics that the cruising range is an impressive 5,000 miles (8,000 kilometres).

3. Are Yachts For Sale A Good Investment?

Closing the deal on a sailing yacht or motor yacht is a milestone that few get to experience. Naturally, the Engel & Völkers team sees it the same way as you probably do: an investment in enjoyment, wellness and quality of life. Over the years, we have assisted high net worth individuals from all over the world in realising their dreams without looking back. 

Being the owner of a luxury yacht delivers a thrilling sense of freedom and adventure, allowing you to see your dream destinations in a new light. Onboard a luxury yacht, you take control and can experience glamour without limits or the beauty of a natural environment, as you wish.

4. Motor vs. sailing yachts

Romantic and thrilling at once, sailing yachts are undoubtedly becoming more popular as they offer sporting and peaceful experiences alike, depending on your preference. Nonetheless, the comforts of motor yachts mean they still dominate the global leisure fleet. Powerful and fast, they cover a greater distance in less time. 

In addition, technological advances in motor yacht hull design have resulted in typical drafts that are shallower for a given length, thus simplifying navigation and facilitating access near rocky coves and archipelagos. Apart from this versatility, they also tend to have more deck space and onboard facilities. Crew expenditure is lower, while recruitment is more straightforward, too.

In the long-standing and friendly debate between the motor yacht and sailing yacht factions, the winners have to be the owners – in other words, what best suits each individual. For this reason, while motor yachts represent an excellent choice for exploring islands in the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas, our portfolio also includes sailing ships that are fully equipped for substantial sea voyages. 

5. Luxury Yacht Sales & Charters

As a brand, Engel & Völkers Yachting Division stands for outstanding attention to detail, discretion and customer care. 

Services consist of:

  • Yacht sales and brokerage, with in-depth research to determine the accurate market value of your craft, from sloops to racers and motor cruisers.
  • Custom-made construction projects, including new builds and refits.
  • Arrangement of berths and moorings in the marina of your choice.
  • Charters of fully crewed motor and sailing yachts.
  • Service packages: advertising, booking and experience management.
  • Implementation and management of targeted marketing strategies, including optimal search results.
  • Professional consultancy services re. financing, yacht management and flag registration requirements.


Primarily, yacht prices depend on length, age and manufacturer credentials. Larger craft often have spacious main decks, with multiple cabins plus crew quarters down below. 

Although more accommodation means a higher price, it means there are more opportunities to customise the available space and make it your own. Globally, including vessels of all specifications, the current average sale price is around €7 million. Of course, superyachts attract notably higher asking prices, especially at higher levels of specification and performance. 


Engel & Völkers Yachting brokers have been offering yacht sales and brokerage services since 2007. Convenient for shipyards, ports and marinas as well as crew and team management for Mediterranean sailing, our Yachting Division headquarters is in the French Riviera with offices in Monaco and Antibes. 

In addition, recent years have seen an exciting journey of expansion from Europe to North America, thus providing a gateway to cruising in the Caribbean Sea and sailing the Pacific Ocean. 

6. Why Work With E&V Yachting Experts

Engel & Völkers clients offers clients the following benefits:

  • Discretion and privacy, based on experience and full understanding of client profiles and requirements.
  • Offices in strategic locations in renowned yachting hotspots.
  • Multilingual brokers with ample portfolios and contacts with potential wealthy buyers.
  • Proven expertise in the yachting industry, along with an in-house marketing department.
  • A global network of partners at the forefront of yachting innovation.
  • Unique opportunities to complement your sale or purchase with high-end real estate and private aviation services, should you so desire.

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