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5 tips on how to get back into routine

There are still some days left to officially say goodbye to the summer, but for the vast majority of people, their holiday has already come to an end and they are returning to routine. After enjoying lots of free time and activities during the rest of the year, the return to normality can be quite difficult. But do not worry. If you want to get back into routine, just pay attention to the following tips.

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1. Anticipate return

Although we all want to rush until the last minute of our holiday, one of the most effective ways to prepare the ground to return to routine is to change our habits in the days before that date. To gradually adapt to the new schedules, ( wake up earlier than usual, for example) and prepare the tasks you need to perform in order to avoid a big workload pileup.

2. Share your experience

As in many other facets of life, sharing your experiences with others can help you connect faster with your routine. To do this, during the first days at your workplace, you can talk about your holiday with other colleagues who will also value your funniest moments during the summer. This way, it will be easier for you to move on without constantly thinking about your holidays.

3. Save time for yourself

One of the most common mistakes is to try to restore normalcy as quickly as possible, especially if you are overloaded with stressful tasks. It is, therefore, advisable to spend a little time continuing doing some of the most enjoyable summer activities, like walking or going out for a drink with friends. This can be done by reducing the time you spend on doing chores and rescheduling your day to suit you.

4. Find a new pastime

The return to routine is a fairly drastic change in which even environmental factors contribute to increasing the feeling of nostalgia (daylight hours are reduced, lower temperatures ...). It is important to find new forms of entertainment, such as joining the gym, going out for a jog, or participating in family activities at home.

5. The next break is closer...

As a last step, to be performed only when the above tips have been followed, you can start planning for your next holiday. Whether you want to go away at Christmas or at the next holiday season, it is important to start thinking about where you want to go and plan it with your family.

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