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Cycling through Barcelona

The city of Barcelona offers the bicycle as the healthiest way to move around the streets. In addition, it is the most sustainable and practical way to travel across the city.

Bicycle usage grows year after year. Added to this is the growing supply of infrastructure, which facilitates the use of 100 per cent cheap and healthy transport.

The climate of the city and its layout are variables that make it possible to use the bicycle. It should not be forgotten that 80 per cent of districts have a very comfortable terrain to travel on foot or by bicycle, with a slope that does not even exceed 2 per cent.

Benefits of cycling

Cycling brings many advantages to day-to-day travel as well as being highly beneficial to people's health. The bicycle does not pollute, does not make noise and is a very efficient mode of transport for travelling around the city. This is especially true when we compare it to cars and other motor vehicles.

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New bike lanes in Barcelona

In the city of Barcelona there are more and more cycling lanes. An example of this is Marina Street, which has sea views.

As a course of action, the aim is to have more than 300 kilometres of bike lanes by the year 2020. Among the latest projects is the so-called Proyecto Constructivo Base (PCB), which has provided 60 kilometres of new cycling lanes distributed in the different districts of the city.

This project is pending approval in January 2017. The start of the bike lane construction will be from June. When it comes to designing these lanes, it will be done based on the width of the road, without making any changes to the sidewalks. The only changes that will occur will be the road traffic lanes and the existing services.

Electric bicing

In 2014, the electric bicing service began in Barcelona. Over the last two years, 2015 and 2016, more than 40 different bicycle stations have been installed, with 300 bicycles available.

Bicing is a mode of urban transport that is based on a shared use of bicycle. It is a sustainable, healthy and practical service for making trips through the city.

The electric bicing is a network that complements bicing, with the aim of facilitating very long and ascending routes. This service is accessed with the payment of an annual fee, complementary to the bicing service that already exists.

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