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Decorating ideas: Tips for hanging your pictures on the walls

No one doubts the great qualities of paintings to dress up the walls as they have such a unique personality, giving a very outstanding touch to the decoration of a home. They bring a great visual and aesthetic value inside a house, but only if they are placed in a rational and orderly way. The paintings capture the visual attention immediately and this, which is a virtue, can become a defect if we hang them in the wrong places. The effect can be the opposite, creating an irritating visual impact that negatively influences the overall decoration.

A good measure, before deciding to make holes on the walls to place a picture or two on them, is to plan carefuly. It is very useful to make cardboard or paper templates with the measurements of the available pictures and place them in various areas of the wall, with some soft adhesive, until you find the most satisfactory arrangement.

Another very important factor is to take into account the type of wall that goes with the frame and its characteristics. A small picture on a large wall will look lost on that area just like a large one on a small wall will eat up the space without adding value to the decoration. It is also best to add pictures without covering the walls excessively.

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The height adjustment of the frame also has a significant impact on the final visual result. As a basic rule, it is usually best to place the frame on the same eye level of the person who is going to look at it so that it is at his height. If the actual height does not conform to this simple rule, the frame may look as if it is "floating". When it comes to a set of pictures you can draw an "imaginary line" that passes through the centre before hanging them on the wall.

It is important not to break the harmony with an uneven picture frame. It is best to use two hooks on the wall so that the weight is distributed evenly.

When the picture is to be placed on a piece of furniture, be it a table, armchair or any other, it is generally best that the table does not exceed the width of the piece of furniture. It is even recommended that this measurement does not exceed 80% of its total width.

The visual effect of a painting is amplified with adequate lighting, without it being excessive. Do not forget that direct exposure to sunlight will end up damaging the colours of the painting, especially if it is an original painting. That is why a bright room can be an excellent choice, but you should consider protecting the picture with a glass that prevents harmful ultraviolet radiation.

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