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Different types of roofs you should know about

It is possible that up until now, you have never wondered how many roof types exist. However, if you are thinking of renovating your home, it is very likely that some doubts have started to spring to your mind. If so, we will try to help you here. We are going to dedicate a few lines explaining the most important types of roofs for homes.

Types of roofs according to the material they are made from

Next, let us make a distinction based on the building material used:

1. Sheet metal. This is a very light-weight material that is installed with little effort and without the need to invest too much time or money. It is true that sheet metal is not such a good insulation in extreme temperatures, but its advantages outweigh this.

2. Slates. These tiles can be made from metal, concrete, glass or copper. Although they are quite expensive and their installation process takes longer, they stand out for their durability and ability to insulate thermally.

3. Prefabricated roofs. These are designed with the aim of being able to be installed manually without the need for a professional roofer. They are also very light in weight and can be transported easily.

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Other types of roofs you need to know about

There are other types of roofs in which the manufactured material is not the most important element but nevertheless, you must still know about them. These are:

1. False roofs. These are roofs that are placed under the main roof and are often used to cover the original defects. However, they are also very useful for hiding the cables or beams from view. They are generally made from metal grids and lightweight gypsum boards or similar materials.

2. Vaulted or Cathedral roofs. This is a type of roof that's very common in rustic houses. It is attached to the top of the house by using exposed beams, usually made of wood. Aesthetically they are very nice, but they also suffer from lack of thermal insulation.

3. Shed roofs. Fundamentally, they are practically the same as the cathedral roof. However, their inclination angle is much smaller, which facilitates better insulation and ventilation. They are usually installed mainly on penthouses.

4. Trusses. These are characterised by joining the walls with rounded and concave edges. They are most commonly seen in luxury homes since their installation is complex and their price is quite high.

These are the main types of roofs you should know. We hope that, after this article, you will get a better idea about which one to choose for your property based on its characteristics and your specific needs.

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