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Engel & Völkers Barcelona at the 2017 Grand Masquerade Ball

Everything has been prepared in the luxurious lounges of Círculo del Líceo de Barcelona for the celebrations next Friday, February 17th. This will be the third edition of the Grand Masquerade Ball. This grand show, which takes place in one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in Ciudad Conda, is another version of the masquerade centenary from the beginning of the twentieth century, which showed all its brightness and splendour with the active participation of Barcelona's most famous personalities.

The third edition of this event at Círculo del Líceo will revive a memorable evening that features the Grand Masquerade Ball. In the Espejos del Teatre del Liceu's lounge, some great surprises will be announced and there will be an elegant mask party featuring celebrities in gala dresses and tuxedos. For this occasion, Engel & Völkers Barcelona, ​​a prestigious real estate agency that works with the most exclusive properties in the city, has decided to participate in the event as a Silver Sponsor of the Dance.

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The history of Círculo del Líceo de Barcelona dates back to 1847, when it first opened its headquarters. This building is one of the oldest private clubs in Spain. In its more than 160 years of long history, the club has witnessed great social transformations and many unique events, such as the Grand Masquerade Ball, which is also associated with the Carnival of Venice tradition.

Under the influence of the emerging Catalan bourgeoisie, the most spectacular masquerade parties developed between the last few years of the nineteenth century and the twentieth century. These parties became the most unique social events for the Barcelona society. The end of the Spanish civil war also meant the end of these parties, but it wasn't until a couple of years ago that the event made a comeback.

Under the auspices of the Círculo and the sponsorship of companies such as the luxury real estate agency, Engel & Völkers Barcelona that made an impact on the economy of Barcelona, ​​during February 17th, the centennial lounges of Liceu will be once again filled with tuxedos, costumes, sequins and bright stoles. The participants will parade the rooms with their gold leaf masks on their faces, bird feathers, and costumes that represent animals and demons. They will also re-enact the complete repertoire of the commedia dell'arte, with its scaramouches, colombines and harlequins, and the Doctor de la Peste, with his long and characteristic nose.

Vídeo: The aftermovie of the Masquerade ball at Círculo del Liceo - Barcelona 2016

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