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How to showcase our strengths in a job interview

One of the questions usually asked in job interviews is the enumeration of strengths or strengths of the candidate. Improvisation is not the most accurate method to deal with the situation.

Strengths are usually based on personal qualities and abilities.

Examples of strengths

When it comes to getting a job, experience is essential, regardless of the task to be performed. The interviewer will highly value the fact that the aspirant to the position has previous experiences in jobs of the same characteristics, or very similar ones.

Social skills are also very valuable. Employers focus on issues such as negotiating skills, conviction or influence through arguments, ability to resolve conflicts, teamwork, and so on.

Talent is the key, especially when there is more demand for the job than supply. Companies look for candidates with special skills that make them stand out above the rest. It can be talent for computing, for sale, in event management, etc. Every person is a world of possibilities.

With regard to training and specialisation, a good formative basis must be established. Not only with regard to university degrees, but also courses, seminars, tutorials, etc. It will not be easy to talk about everything during the job interview. Therefore it is useful to choose the most important topics to elaborate on in case they are raised at the interview.

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A process of past reflections

One of the most frequently asked questions in a job interview is "Tell me three weaknesses and three strong points of your personality." If the answer has not been prepared in advance, the hesitations in front of the interviewer do not contribute towards the selection process.

Whoever interviews you wants to know who you are, beyond what he has read in your CV regarding your training, professional experience, etc. This means he is investigating the person in front of him.

In order to explain your strengths, you must have made a previous reflection about who you are and how others see you. For this you can ask for help from a family member or close friend.

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Some tips to get to know your strengths

• We should not compare ourselves to others. Each person has their own characteristics, the fruit of an evolution, their experiences, etc. In the event that we want to compare, we will do so by evaluating what we have in common, rather than what we lack.

• When we analyse the strengths we have, we will rely on the ability to develop specific actions, regardless of the results we have obtained. The result does not depend on the person, but in many cases, the delivery itself.

• The first thing to value ourselves is to be proud of who we are and what we have. If we want others to see our strengths, we must start with ourselves.

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