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Interior design trends for your home this autumn!

Interior design, like any other art, is subject to changes thus allowing us to contemplate new styles and trends that emerge throughout seasons. This autumn could not be any less different and we are here to tell you all about it. We are going to dedicate this article to explain to you those innovations of this era that can, and should, mark the aesthetics of your home.

1. Pink as the predominant colour

This autumn, everything seems to indicate that the colour pink will be the one that will have an impact on home decoration. Pastels and corals will be the most used, although intense greens also promise to occupy an important place, especially in Nordic and minimalist style rooms.

2. Textiles with floral patterns

Summer is gone but its splendour and vitality need not be forgotten in your home. Textile patterns and wallpapers with floral designs complement one another perfectly. In addition, wicker lamps are also good choices when it comes to lighting the rooms.

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3. Autumn is the time for wood

If we bring up the theme of furniture, it is clear that in autumn, it is best to opt for wood. Natural wood tones that have been a little treated are the real stars. In addition, it combines perfectly with another material that promises to stick around during the coming months as is marble. In fact, more and more wallpapers can be found in specialty stores that mimic this texture. Undoubtedly, a good choice for less affluent budgets.

4. Velvet is here to stay!

It seemed, not too long ago, that velvet was a thing of the past. However, it has now returned with more force than ever and, in addition, it will stop being present only in curtains, something that we began to intuit the previous year as it gives way to all the textile elements of the house.

5. Copper elements for the most modern

Those who wish to give a touch of makeover to their home will find copper the ideal material this autumn. Its orange touch is capable of giving a sophisticated, different and elegant air to any environment. This is a sure bet, especially, in Nordic or industrial style rooms.

It is always a good time to give a breath of fresh air to the decoration of your home and match it with the upcoming season. Thanks to these tips and trends that we have mentioned above, you can do so easily.
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