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New Year's Eve Ideas

With the arrival of the new year good intentions begin to emerge. New activities that we have not done this year, ideas and options that we want to do, but we do not find the time to start them, etc.

The resolutions we set for new year have to be realistic and concrete. Losing extra pounds before spring arrives to show off the clothes we have in the closet can be a little frustrating, hence the reason we give up trying.


It is proven that, if there is not much time to read or take part in intellectual activities in your job, some games like crosswords can keep our minds agile and help prevent some diseases, such as Alzheimer's.

Surely we can find some spare time throughout the day to get used to this type of challenge. The options are many, from the daily newspaper crosswords, specific books, downloading an application on a mobile device, etc.

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Write a diary

Whether it is for personal use or to give away at the end of the year to a loved one. Memories, feelings, reflections, help us grow. If we put them in writing, besides being able to review them from time to time, they are the best inheritance for children, relatives, friends, etc.

Running a marathon, joining a gym, taking tennis lessons

Affirming each December that we are going to exercise from January is too diffuse and may not be carried out. The best thing to do is to plan it right away. Signing up for a marathon will give us a commitment to reach the goal, with minimum daily training.

Do not think about going to the gym one day, but instead, go directly there and fill out the registration form to start on January 2nd. Tennis classes or other sports, also incite to action.

Dance Classes

Dance brings us many benefits, both physically and mentally. Laughing and enjoying dancing is among the healthiest activities we can do. Dancing will awaken many emotions in us, help us make new friends, finding a partner, socialise, release daily stress, lose weight, etc.

We do not need to learn to dance. You dance to learn, or just to have fun.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Instead of thinking about losing a certain number of pounds, it is best that we focus our ideas on eating healthier. Start the day with fruits, juices, cereals, fibre, eating more vegetables at meals, and substituting our mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks for fruit, herbal teas and yoghurt.

More time out

Spending more time away from home can be very beneficial. Walking for half an hour a day is the best remedy. Also, we can meet more people, enjoy different activities, play with our pet, etc.

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