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Success stories during lockdown

The technology to overcome the difficulties during the emergency state

The first success story is led by Carola Martínez, an estate agent from the Arrancapins area of Valencia. After several months of work, she found a house next to the City of Arts and Sciences, which was ideal for a client from Santiago de Chile. The client's plan was to come to the city in March to rent the property and move in May, but the state of emergency made this impossible. The office took care of putting all the virtual resources at the client's disposal in order to gain their trust to the point of signing the contract online. They are now in town and ready to enjoy their new home.

Attracting customers in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis is possible

The best proof that the real estate market has not completely come to a standstill is by the sales agent in Valencia, Joaquin Lerin. After observing how a homeowner had removed the for sale sign from their home after the state of emergency was imposed, he contacted the owner again until he convinced him to pass on the photographs and other valuable information about the house over the Internet. He now has several interested buyers.

Viewing homes in the state of emergency

The experience of Jerónimo Sigüenza, one of the most senior agents from the Torrevieja property shop, made a huge difference in this example. It involved a property that came to the market on the 10th of March and on the following day, a German client wanted to view it. The task was assigned to Mercedes Garcia. Both agents reassured the interested client by resolving all their doubts in the face of the emergency state. The result? On March 18th, he reserved the property.

Teams that have overcome difficulties

Adela Giraldez's situation was very difficult. In February, a client was interested in a restored apartment in the historical centre of Malaga. It was love at first sight as, the next day, the client booked a viewing. The appointment for the notarial signature was set for Monday 23rd of March as the client was in a hurry to move because they had an agreement to sell their residence. It was at this difficult time that she, together with Sabine Klosterman, did her best to gather all the necessary documentation and make it possible for the signing of the sales agreement to take place on the scheduled date.

Face-to-face visits are no longer essential

Carlos Alberto Perez, an agent from Barcelona with only 6 months of experience who achieved his second sale in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, tells us about his experience. The property was a commercial building for investors. The buyer was a foreigner who was interested in the property after having seen it online. Due to not being able to view it in person, and thanks to the information provided online by the advisor, he decided to reserve it immediately.

The rental market is still active in Madrid

Eduardo Roca Dorta tells us about his experience. Four rental apartments that were owned by one person were listed through Idealista. The owner quickly realised that, given the situation, it was better to leave this task in the hands of someone with experience from a real estate agency like Engel & Völkers. The result? All the properties were rented out in less than a week after the advertisement was published, even though they were in a state of emergency.

A time to reap the fruits of previous achievements

According to Ainhoa Cervera, a young agent who has been with the Engel & Völkers Madrid office since the end of November 2019, February, as is often the case, was not a good month. However, her marketing efforts at that time have been rewarded after the COVID-19 crisis broke out. She makes an example through a client who saw all her seasonal reservations cancelled on the three rental properties she owned. After relying on her services, the client has once again a wide variety of offers to rent out the properties.

Achieving success during the coronavirus crisis

Patricia Escribano has been with the Engel & Völkers Madrid office since November 2018 and says that she has never in her life had to face a situation like this. During her time with the company she has worked in offices at Estrella, Ibiza and Retiro with great success. The best proof of her professionalism can be found in the fact that, in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis and in a city as affected as the capital, she is managing to attract new clients and properties.

The importance of being proactive in the real estate market

This is proved by Diana Barriuso, an agent in the area of La Rambla in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Her property branch opened on March 6th, 8 days before the Spanish government declared a state of emergency. However, this professional did not waste any time. On March 13th she had already made her first property sale.

The difficult but successful telematic management of property sales in Cerdanya

Esteve Ravés has been working as an agent for the Engel & Völkers Cerdanya office for more than 4 years and probably never faced such a difficult situation as the one in the last days. Before the declaration of the state of emergency and the lockdown, a client was interested in a house as an investment for a price of 285,000 euros. The situation made the client come up with three demanding conditions: an approved valuer had to value the property in person, the notary had to commit to making the agreement public even if quarantine was extended, and the owners' association had to accept that the property could be used as a tourist rental.

The agent Esteve Revés, through the available telematic channels, was able to satisfy the client's demands and resolve the issues during the negotiation with the seller. At the last minute, the client threatened to pull out if the agent did not reduce the fees. After much effort, the agent stood firm and made the client see that it was a fair amount. Today, the deposit contract has been signed and the transfers have been made without any problems.

Trust as a basis for selling properties during the virus crisis

Stephan Richert is an agent based in Denia and says that, in 2019, he worked with clients who lived in London and were interested in buying a house here. In fact, they even booked one, but some last minute contingencies prevented them from coming over. However, Stephan knew what they wanted and needed so well that, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, he called them assuring them that he had the perfect house for them. And so that was it. After seeing the photos, he got them to sign the deposit contract. They're looking forward to seeing their new home.

The Costa del Sol doesn't stop

Nathalie Alabert is an agent at the Engel & Völkers Marbella office specialising in international clients. Her extensive experience in the sector and the three languages she speaks have made it possible to close a deal in the midst of a coronavirus crisis. This had been carried out a few weeks before the crisis but, with her negotiating skills, she managed to get the notary's office successfully completed by 26th of March.

Virtual solutions to close deals in Altea and Calpe

The following example of property management during lockdown is offered by Raphaël Piqueras and Victoria Kulikova. The work of the former is focusing on attracting buyers and that of the latter on attracting sellers. The result? This collaboration has allowed them to close two sales since the declaration of the state of emergency by successfully overcoming the challenge of teleworking and the impossibility of holding face-to-face meetings with them.

In the first case, Raphaël contacted a Russian client who was previously interested in holiday rentals and investment purchases. However, Victoria convinced him that this was the right time to go for the rent-to-own option. In the second case, both found the ideal property for Belgian clients who were interested in buying as an investment. The uncertainty surrounding tourist rentals allowed them to obtain a very interesting price.

Congratulations to all the agents for their great work during this complicated situation!

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