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The backstreets of Eixample

Eixample is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona. In fact, there are many property seekers who come to Engel & Völkers Barcelona looking for an apartment or house in this area. But have you heard about the pasajes in this neighbourhood? In this article, we will talk about these characterful pasajes backstreets) and their wonderful charm.

What are pasajes?

The pasajes found in Eixample district are small backstreets located in​​ Barcelona's Zona Alta, typically consisting of small gardens and rows of houses. Most of the houses have a part to play in the city's history and remind us of its cosmopolitan character. 

Photo: © jordi domènech (Wikimedia)

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Most famous pasajes

Let us begin by mentioning the Pasaje Méndez Vigo, which was opened in 1968 and is situated between the streets of Aragó and Pau Claris. Pasaje Méndez Vigo is also known as the Passage of the Italians. Meanwhile, in Llúria and Pau Claris, you can find Pasaje Permanyer, where a mixture of classic Arabic-style homes are seen. There are also English homes that were built during the mid-nineteenth century found within these backstreets. 

Pasaje Rector Oliveras is found on the opposite side of Basílica de la Purísima Concepció, and right next to Mercat de la Concepció, Pasaje Escoles and Mercat can be seen. Finally, one of the best known backstreets is Pasaje de la Concepció, which is also known as Pasaje Gastronómico and has several boutiques that offer prestigious designer clothes.

The amenities 

Most of the pasajes we have discussed about, have cobbled streets as well as a great artistic and architectural value. Buses and other public transport networks rarely pass through these backstreets, however, you can find many other amenities in addition to houses, such as schools, shops, and all kinds of commercial businesses. 

Property types

At our real estate office in Barcelona, we currently have a good variety of properties in these pasajes. In most cases, properties that are available in these areas are houses with great antiquity, although it is also possible to find apartments here. In any case, both houses and apartments are often surrounded by gardens and backyards. 

If you are looking for a house or an apartment in any of the mentioned pasajes in Eixample, please don't hesitate to contact Engel & Völkers Barcelona right away. Our real estate specialists will be happy to provide you with advice and guidance on finding the perfect property in this beautiful part of Barcelona. 

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