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Tips to make the most of the working day as a real estate consultant

Real estate professionals have the opportunity to meet new people every day. That's what makes this profession very different and interesting.

The day to day life of a real estate consultant is marked by many different tasks. Selling a home is not a simple task and involves a series of challenges or problems that need to be resolved.

The real estate adviser has a lot of flexibility with managing their schedules and working at their own pace.

Making the most of your working day

The entire day of the real estate consultant is spent working. There are many tasks to be done: visiting new homes, showing the portfolio to clients, doing administrative work in the office, etc.

The lunch break is usually short because this is the best time to visit a client or to meet up with owners in their homes, etc. The same thing happens at the end of the day. Some people you can not contact during the rest of the day can be contacted after you finish working. These are all the reasons why the estate agent's working day becomes longer.

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Better time management is a great help for a real estate consultant. For this, proper timetable organisation is essential. Just like other professions, the real estate consultant has to organise his or her tasks to decide in which order they must be completed. Optimising his time and focusing on the most important tasks will ensure a more productive working day.

It is also better to allocate the necessary time to each task, avoiding the so-called "time thieves". It is important to assign each project to a specific time.

The following are some unforeseen tasks that may disrupt your work schedule. These include:

• Interruptions, calls, and unexpected visits make you leave your current task unfinished.

• You may have to take on other people's duties as well as do your own.

• Meetings or appointments that take longer than expected.

• Administrative work can also be time-consuming. For example, reading a long document.

• Bad personal habits. If you are not organised, it will be harder to find what you need at any moment and you will lose more time this way.

• Miscommunication between peers. Misunderstandings also lead to time loss.

As you can see, these situations are not uncontrollable. More time in the agenda can be used to control these contingencies. Adequate planning of the day-to-day agenda is the key to optimising your working day. As we have already mentioned, you must prioritise the most important tasks, leaving the secondary ones to the end, and dedicating some time for unforeseen events.

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