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Tricks to control your emotions in stressful situations

In medical terms, stress is the body's response to situations that involve some tension or pressure. When that physical or emotional anxiety occurs at the workplace, we are faced with work-related stress. Situations that create work-related stress in a particular person can be very different depending on the actual circumstances in the workplace and the relationship with colleagues or bosses.

In either case, these tensions can cause imbalances in emotional and physical health. According to some experts, certain types of jobs can generate more stress, such as those that require more contact with the public or clients. Care workers or real estate agents with too much workload are two of these examples. The same is true of circumstances inherent in the pace of life in a large city such as Barcelona, ​​or the inherent insecurity of being in a self employed job. Faced with these risks, it is advisable to use tricks or tactics to manage work stress in order to keep these disturbing situations under control and minimise their negative effects.

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  • Expressing your own emotions by sharing them with others is a good way to relieve stress. If problems arise from the hostile work environment, exposing the situation in a timely manner is a good start to solving it.

  • Respecting rest periods during the workday is an excellent choice to clear the stress or prevent it from arising. It is shown that the brain always performs better with a rest, even if it is for a couple of minutes every hour.

  • Learning and practicing relaxation techniques is key to stopping and controlling anxiety. Mental training can be undertaken to self-manage those emotions and become more positive.

  • Efficient time management also contributes positively to stress the control and introduces rationality and efficiency at the workplace. It is important to dedicate some of that time to your family or participate in leisure activities.

  • It is very important to know how to delegate functions and avoid the trap of excessive perfectionism. Relying on others prevents us from accumulating impossible tasks and lowering the levels of self-expectation prevents us from feeling frustrated..
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If, despite all these tricks, the work stress continues to return and the dissatisfaction does not cease to appear during the day-to-day work, perhaps it is time to put aside your fears and insecurities by considering a job change. An excellent option is to consider the job offers that Engel & Völkers Barcelona puts at your disposal. This real estate agency has international prestige with more than 36 years of experience in the property sector. Engel & Völkers is continuously searching for the best personnel who are willing to work in an open, warm, respectful and pleasant environment. This company provides its employees excellent working conditions, with permanent support of a solid and prestigious brand.

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