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Virtual reality in real estate

Virtual reality has come a long way to establish itself in the world of 'Real Estate'. In fact, the real estate industry has begun to take advantage of the advances in 3D technology in order to offer customers the best viewing experience in regards to the sales of their homes or properties that have not yet been built. Therefore, it is a system that will replace the classic models and drawings that until not so long ago, they were the only tools that were used for persuading property seekers to make a purchase.

The advantages of using virtual reality systems in the new-built homes are undeniable. They allow the customer to have the feeling of being inside the house and even take a stroll through it. Undoubtedly, images, graphics and photographs can not compete with this system because of the lack of realism that they suffer from.

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In addition, this system can give a much more concrete appearance of the house and the materials used within it. In fact, all the details are significant in providing a strong incentive for the customer. Whilst taking a virtual tour of the new home, you can experience the same emptions that you would feel if you were visiting the property in person.

For its part, real estate agents, aside from customers, can also take advantage of the inherent versatility of these systems. For example, the applicant may, if they wish, go to the real estate office and from there, put on his virtual reality glasses and get a hyperreal HD experience with 360 degrees viewing angles while being guided by the agent. Or, if you prefer, you can visit the website of the company and do exactly the same from the comfort of your own home.

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The real estate sector is rapidly adapting to the virtual reality technology. Although the progress is slow and gradual nevertheless, more and more companies are offering this system, which is proving to give excellent results in the sale of new-built homes.

The best examples of this happened in the Barcelona Meeting Point. During this event, the real estate Engel & Völkers Barcelona along with Instant Transmission presented some designs of the new properties through the virtual reality system. This provided customers the opportunity to get an accurate idea of ​the future housing projects. The response from the potential buyers and the general public was highly positive.

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