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Fresh fireplace design ideas for 2018

Fireplaces have risen like a phoenix from the ashes in recent years. Gone are the days when people would cover up them up in favour of radiators and gas fires. Today we’re embracing the fireplace both as a design centrepiece and for its new, eco-friendly credentials. But while this revival began in traditional country homes, in 2018, more modern fireplace ideas will take centre stage.

- Fresh fireplace design ideas for 2018

Ethanol-burning fireplaces

Clean, odourless, environmentally friendly and flue-free, these fireplaces require minimal installation, making them incredibly versatile. They can be positioned almost anywhere to deliver a design feature that functions either as a subtle generator of ambience or a bold visual statement. 

Those who want a lot of heat from their fire, or who simply prefer a classic log-burning look, may still opt for one of the many other fireplace fuels; but we think that smart, eco-friendly ethanol burners will be the number one choice in 2018.

Extended view panels

Of all modern fireplace designs, this one has the most potential to add a spark to any contemporary home. By using reflective black glass panels flush to the wall, they create the illusion of a larger fireplace and, more importantly, give a linear look that works in so many contexts.

With a lengthened panel, fireplaces can now sit under large, wall-mounted flat screens or your favourite artworks. The elongated rectangular shape also presents new opportunities for integration in striped and patterned walls or spaces between shelving. This can highlight or disrupt the lines of your room for maximum impact.

Multi-view fireplaces

Fireplaces have often been a central component of traditional living rooms, but modern fireplace ideas have re-framed (and de-framed) the concept of a focal feature entirely. Instead of limiting them to the side or corner of a room, multi-view and double-sided fireplaces can be installed in a central position or in dividing walls. Multi-view fireplaces are perfect for decorating a cosy winter home. 

By freeing the fireplace, you can use it to unite your living and dining room while adding light and the all-important cosiness factor to both areas. They’re also great for city flats where room is at a premium. There are already a range of multi-view fireplace design ideas around, so it’s easy to find one to fit any space.

Statement walls

A bold expansion of two tried-and-tested techniques, fireplace statement walls will see your fire surround take over the whole wall in a tasteful texture. These fireplace design ideas will trump any ‘pop of colour’ that 2017 designers might have added to next door’s dining room. 

Choosing the right materials to surround your fire is the key here. Textured and 3D finishes are going to be big in 2018, but ultimately your choice should complement the rest of the room, from fittings to furnishings. Whether you lean towards a loft-style exposed brick look, industrial steel feel or classic-meets-modern tiling, your choice will tie the space together.

With so many fireplace design ideas, it can feel like a tough choice. In fact, it’s simply a matter of deciding the feature that best complements the overall aspect of your home. For more inspiration get your creative juices flowing, visit our interior design blog.

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