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Why Sylt houses make perfect second homes

What is it about Sylt? The island is well-known in Germany as a glamorous holiday destination. It either holds a nostalgic place in the heart, filled with salty winds and bright beach days, a dreamy promise of utter peace during retirement, or it brings to mind its celebrity frequenters and luxury shopping district. The island is also a fabulous location for investment property. If you hadn’t considered Sylt real estate for your second home, here’s why you should.

 Cadaqués (Girona)
- Summer or winter, Sylt is a wonderful holiday destination. With the demand for property set to rise here, it's a wise investment too.

Sylt in summer

Summer in Sylt is a tale of two islands. On the one hand you have white sand beaches, sun-bathed dunes, quiet cocktails at sunset and contemplative walks by the sea. On the other, there’s a world-class golf resort that Claudia Ebert had the foresight to fashion from a disused military base, the spectacular casino and a boutique from almost every designer and high-end brand you can think of. Luckily, with a home on the island, you needn’t be in one camp or the other. Luxury living and a love of peace and quiet can go hand-in-hand on this coastal gem.

Sylt off-season

When the glamorous parties have emptied out of Kampen, Sylt transforms back to its more natural state as a peaceful oasis. Expect atmospheric skies, bracing winds, the company of seabirds, locals and other discerning winter holidaymakers; with everyone respecting and enjoying the tranquility to be found in escaping their day-to-day lives. Of course, Sylt’s indulgent spas are open all year, so winter weekends away can be spent between invigorating coastal walks, relaxing steams, and warming cups of tea thanks to the Frisians’ affinity with the British tradition.

Sylt real estate market

Investing in a holiday home on Sylt also makes financially sense. 600,000 tourists visit the beautiful North Sea island every year. If you do not live in your property by yourself, you have the great opportunity to rent it out lucratively. Whether you trustily give your house only to family and friends or decide to rent it out –  it is up to you!

However, you should know that Sylt's property prices are consistently higher due to its renowned location and limited space. According to our "Holiday Homes Market Report 2018" prices for holiday homes on Sylt are at a very high level. In very good locations, prices even rise further. In top locations, paid prices are far above average. In the first quarter of 2018, the highest price of the previous year, 16.5 million euros, was exceeded by a total of 17 million euros. In the first quarter of 2018, a bid of EUR 20,000/m2 was made for the most expensive property in one of the prime locations on the island. Thus, Sylt is the most expensive location for holiday homes in Germany.

Sylts Future

The interest for properties for sale on the 30-kilometer-long Society-Island is growing steadily. Kai Enders explained that the demand for holiday homes and secondary residences in Germany remains high and significantly exceeds, especially at sought-after locations such as Sylt. A stable high price level can be expected when investing in a holiday home in one of Sylts most popular locations, due to the limited space on the island. 

Would you consider investing in Sylt? View our selection in Sylt to find out more.

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