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5 essential features for modern green luxury homes

What springs to mind when you imagine a luxurious home? Spa bathrooms, elegantly landscaped gardens and wine cellars are often a few features. Yet the definition of luxury is changing – we’ve discussed the importance of smart technology, but sustainability is also growing in scope as a major draw for homebuyers. Eco-friendly luxury can mean anything from sustainable materials to modernist lighting, for a forward-thinking yet comfortable home.

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- Eco-friendly luxury is no longer an oxymoron. Here's how to achieve both ideals:

1. LED lighting fixtures

Versatile and chic, LED lighting is a given feature in green luxury homes. Look for new ways to play around with this sustainable, long-lasting illumination. Blend texture and lighting with Philips’ Kvadrat Soft Cells, which lend a subtle glow and elegant ambience to any room, or opt for a statement pendant fixture in the living room crafted from materials like upcycled metal and bamboo.

2. Sustainably sourced building materials

Home buyers are often interested in the origins of building materials, particularly for newly constructed properties. Today’s green luxury homes feature materials that are not only responsibly but also locally sourced to blend harmoniously into the surrounding environment. Natural materials like clay, stone and even thatch offer sustainable alternatives to imported building materials flown halfway around the world.

3. Eco-friendly luxury – both outside and in

Botanical accents are one of the decade’s defining home-interior trends, offering a multitude of substantial and sustainable benefits within the home. They add a splash of vibrant colour to any room and create a connection with the outdoors and, in the case of some like rubber and spider plants, can even optimise air quality. Look for planters created from upcycled materials or even living lamps formed from algae. The trend continues outdoors with green roofs and living walls.

4. Locally focused vegetable gardens

Outdoor landscaping has long been a component of luxury architecture, but today’s green properties focus on the farm-to-table possibilities of a functional vegetable patch. A well-tended vegetable garden provides a relaxing outlet for recreation, while also stocking your kitchen with seasonal produce. Apple or citrus orchards are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property too, naturally perfuming the air with floral, fruity fragrances.

5. Solar rooftop panels

Solar panels are nothing new, but they’ve grown from an unusual quirk to a must-have feature for many smart homes. Installing rooftop panels allows you to boost your property’s passive energy, storing excess power for future use. They’ve come a long way in terms of styling, and you can now install Tesla glass tiles that blend into any modern design. Geothermal heating and cooling systems complement solar panels to reduce your green luxury home’s carbon footprint.

While in the past the idea of eco-friendly luxury seemed like an inherent contradiction, today’s properties prove that sustainability can make a chic statement.

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