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Eco-friendly swimming pool alternatives

A swimming pool may be a refreshing oasis in the summer, but its maintenance isn’t always best for the environment. If you live in an area prone to drought or are trying to minimise your energy use, you may be considering repurposing your pool. Here are a few swimming pool alternatives to help you make the best use of this space.

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- Make the most of a former swimming pool with these eco-friendly alternatives:

Alternative 1: Fish pond

For those who appreciate having a water feature in the garden yet don’t wish to use the water necessary to maintain a swimming pool, a natural pond could be the perfect solution. This makes your outdoor space an inviting, idyllic place to relax and be at one with nature, minus the harsh pool chemicals which lead to mercury emissions and ozone pollution. Simply bore holes in the bottom of the pool for drainage, before laying down layers of rock and other materials. A plastic pond liner can be positioned on top of this before you fill your koi pond with vibrant fish, fresh water and vivid greenery. Alternately, consider the benefits of a natural pool for swimming.

Alternative 2: Rainwater cistern

Rather than choose to get rid of a swimming pool completely, consider converting it into a rainwater collecting system. The storage space provides a cistern for storing water that can be used for natural landscaping in the garden. For these types of swimming pool alternatives you could opt to keep the pool space open with vegetation and underground storage tanks, or cover it with recycled decking materials to hide the system below. Place a submersible pump into the collection pool. This can be connected to irrigation lines that pump the water up to the main level for gardening purposes.

Alternative 3: Greenhouse

Growing your own fruit and vegetables allows you to reap the benefits of fresh, organic produce, apart from being a satisfying hobby in itself. Many swimming pool alternatives focus on gardening, and the enclosed space is a natural fit for a home greenhouse. The pit can be transformed into a mini ecosystem all of its own with the introduction of solar panels to trap warmth. Construct a traditional greenhouse within the sunken area, or keep it simple with a few raised planters surrounded by a touch of landscaping.

Alternative 4: Sunken patio

One of the enduring benefits of a home swimming pool is its standing as a social hub. Pay tribute to this by converting it into a sunken patio to entertain guests, rather than simply covering it over with new decking. Highlight the original site to best advantage by retaining accent features like the depth indicators and handrails, while adding new features like a fire pit, pizza oven and sleek wooden planks. Fairy lights and living room seating create a chic outdoor lounge all your own.

Whatever your reason to get rid of a swimming pool, there are many alternative uses that can bring the space to life. From natural ponds to tranquil food gardens, you can still enjoy your outdoor area while reducing your impact on the environment.

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