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How Engel & Völkers wins over real estate agents - Part 2 of our interview

In the first part of our interview you learned why Benoît Duchatelet and Valentina Difilippo decided to work as real estate agents for the Engel & Völkers brand. We are pleased to have them on board as Engel & Völkers influencers and are looking forward to exciting content from them on social media. Davide Borgo and Mohamed Zidan are also part of the influencer team. In the second part of our interview series, they reveal what makes Engel & Völkers such a good partner for real estate success and what exactly they like about their work. But see for yourself:

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- Our E&V influencers Davide Borgo and Mohamed Zidan comment on their motivation to work under the Engel & Völkers brand.

Why did you choose to work with E&V?

Davide Borgo: After working in the banking sector for many years, I decided to switch careers, invest in myself and choose a solid, high-quality brand for my growth. The core values of our company - competence, exclusivity, passion - correspond exactly to my ideals. As an Engel & Völkers agent, I can put these values into practice on a daily basis in my dealings with clients.

Mohamed Zidan: The company's global presence is just unmatched! Engel & Völkers is in a joint venture with Nakheel, one of the biggest government developers in the UAE, which is also a reason for E&V’s fantastic position on the market. Both combined made it an easy decision for me to join the franchise.

What do you think about the brand's impact?

Davide Borgo: The constant desire of our company to provide the best possible services and offers is motivating me more and more to continue down this career path. The brand puts me in reach of the best properties and the best interface to our esteemed local and international clientele.

Mohamed Zidan: The brand’s impact is very strong globally.

What do you like about working at E&V in general?

Davide Borgo: Our business location is definitely a big advantage, as we are situated directly along the Piazza Walther in the heart of Bolzano’s historical centre. Our shop perfectly reflects our values to our clients as standard. Elegant lines and transparency are used as key elements in our shop.

Mohamed Zidan: Flexible hours, a global presence & fellow consultants from all over the world.

How is E&V Headquarters helping your social media presence?

Davide Borgo: I just gained my first experience as an influencer in cooperation with our headquarters, and must say that it’s really fascinating. Our cooperation with headquarters makes it possible for us to increase our visibility, both as agents and for the properties. An added value, also for our international clients.

Mohamed Zidan: They are doing a great job! The headquarters’ social media team reposts our Instagram stories and listings on social media and gives us great exposure.

Please tell us about what you think about the international infrastructure E&V offers and how you can benefit from it.

Davide Borgo: The internationality of the brand guarantees visibility, which also increases my chances of success. It allows me to benefit from a wide range of international contacts and also offer this service to our clients. Nowadays, we should not stop at borders, but network instead and open up to the global market.

Mohamed Zidan: The infrastructure E&V offers is amazing. I can even imagine to have webinars or join sessions with other consultants to figure out how we can improve our global network and close some international deals together!

What do you like most about the shop/ area you are working?

Mohamed Zidan: Location, location, location! The office is on Palm Jumeirah, the largest man-made island in the world with a stunning sea view onto the Arabian Gulf. And of course my E&V family!

Get to know our Engel & Völkers influencers Mohamed and Davide personally and follow them and their real estate activities on social media under the hashtag #evagents!

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