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How real estate could be one of the best business degree jobs

Is it time for you to reach the next rung of your career ladder, or jump onto another ladder completely? If you’re looking for a work move, and have an interest in becoming an estate agent, you might be surprised to find that you can create a job for yourself in this area with a seemingly unrelated degree.

A business or economics degree is an excellent foundation for working as an estate agent. While you might feel that you need to start from scratch with a new career in real estate, it's likely you've done a great deal of groundwork already. That’s because of the versatile skills you learn in your degree and the relevant ways they can be applied to the property market.

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- Here's how to turn your business or economics degree into a whole new career in real estate.

What does a real estate agent do?

Ultimately the role of a real estate agent is to sell or let property, and to purchase property for clients, at a reasonable price, with a view to increasing or maintaining its market value.

A real estate agent studies the property market as a whole, as well as analysing specific properties, working out how they fit into the bigger picture. The role requires a logical mind, as well as the ability to spot trends, understand markets, and deal with people.

Through a combination of market research, financial modelling and knowledge of construction, a real estate agent will work on behalf of their clients to make sure they get the best possible investment as well as the perfect place to live.

What does real estate have in common with other business degree jobs?

The best business degree jobs are those that use the many and varied skills you learn during your degree, and turn them into a useful service you can offer the real estate world. In earning a business degree, you develop a wide range of transferable skills that will help you in working as a real estate agent.

Above all, your degree will help you see the bigger picture and think long term where investments of all kinds are concerned, and this can easily be directed to real estate. You’ll also be used to analysing markets and identifying trends. Your experience of evaluating investment opportunities is a skill that’s also important in advising clients on their property investments and helping them to make wise choices.

Just as importantly, your interpersonal communication skills will help you to see a sale through from beginning to end, all while maintaining an excellent relationship with your clients. These are the foundations of a good business or economics degree, as well as potential business degree jobs like real estate.

How can you get into real estate?

Once you have your business or economics degree, you can look to get some relevant experience in the real estate business by undertaking an internship or similar entry-level work. You can also get additional training in the specific area of real estate.

Although a business or economics degree may seem a long way from the real estate world, we’ve seen that the leap from one field to another is not too great. By focusing on your transferable skills and seeking out relevant work experience, you’ll soon be well on your way to success in your new career.

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