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How to add value to your home with outdoor landscaping

When examining adding value to property, typical advice often focuses on kitchen renovations and loft conversions. While these interior-led techniques can certainly be effective, don’t neglect the importance of a home’s outdoor spaces. In sunny regions, a spacious terrace is an essential selling point. Here’s a closer look at how to add value to your home with outdoor spaces.

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- Prepare for a lucrative home sale by focusing on outdoor landscaping.
Renovate your garden space to suit the local market and you can boost value.

Create an eye-catching first impression with kerb appeal

The first step in adding value to property with landscaping is to focus on your home’s first impression. Replace your front door, shape your hedges, repair patchy lawns and plant fresh flowers. Shady trees are a worthwhile home improvement investment too. Mature trees are not only attractive but energy efficient, cutting a property’s cooling costs by up to 40%. This can be a great incentive for buyers.

Plant a low maintenance garden for relaxation and entertaining

A garden can be a prime feature for any home, potentially boosting its value by 10%. This is maximised by creating entertaining space in the form of a wooden deck, patio or summer house. However, take care when planting a garden as overly complicated landscaping could deter buyers who deem its upkeep a hassle. Keep your plants simple and low-maintenance to enhance universal appeal, selecting native varieties that flourish naturally in your region.

Know when to install a swimming pool

Water features such as swimming pools, ponds and hot tubs are on the list of must-haves for many buyers. Yet the landscaping effect on home value for this type of improvement can vary widely. Take your location into consideration – in Mediterranean climates an outdoor pool is a standard feature for any villa. If comparable properties in your local market have pools and there’s adequate outdoor space for one, this could add to your value.

Blend indoor and outdoor appeal with a conservatory

Though technically an indoor renovation, expanding your living space by constructing a conservatory is a way to merge the indoors with your outside landscaping. This addition can add up to 10% to your property value. While double glazing is the standard option for conservatories, you can increase value even higher with in-demand solar controls or even self-cleaning designs.

Maximise your city space with outdoor parking

When deciding how to add value to your home, cultivating a garden may not always be the most lucrative option. In urban areas like London, Berlin or Paris, where parking is in short supply, paving over your flower beds with concrete can lure in a wider range of motorist buyers and increase value significantly. Save your landscaping for the rear of the property instead.

We’ve noted in the past the landscaping effect on home value, with country gardens fetching a premium for sellers. If you’re seeking effective techniques for adding value to your property, consider turning to the outdoors first.

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