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How to turn your initial contact with a potential customer into a success

In order for your business to be successful, you need clients and customers for your services. Even if you already have a customer base, you should always be on the lookout for new potential customers, as this could boost your business in unexpected ways. Many questions arise when acquiring new customers, which we will address in this article: How do you establish initial contact? How can you prepare for this moment?

1. Expand your network

Before thinking about the best way to present your company, you first need to get an appointment. Use all the contacts you have for this purpose. Ask each of your friends and acquaintances to introduce you to five potential customers. You will be amazed how quickly your network will expand.

2. Arrange a meeting

If you have your eyes set on a particular potential customer who is outside of your reach, find someone who is in direct contact with him and ask him to introduce you by email or over the phone. Then send an email or letter to the potential customer and follow up on that first indirect contact.

Also attend networking and industry events that your potential customers visit. Use these events to approach the potential customers and try to arrange a meeting.

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- So wird Ihr Erstkontakt mit einem potentiellen Kunden zum Erfolg

3. Ensure a pleasant atmosphere 

Invite the potential customer to your company. Reflect your quality standards in your offices and business premises. After a warm welcome, the potential customer should find clean and inviting rooms with modern equipment.

When establishing initial contact, the first impression (30 seconds) counts. In these first 30 seconds, your counterpart will decide whether he likes you or not – which will determine whether he will do business with you or not. It goes without saying that your appearance should be friendly and cultivated.

4. Identify your distinguishing features

The personal initial contact presents an opportunity to demonstrate that the attention you are given is justified. The potential customer will look for indications that your service is of high quality and reliable. Illustrate what distinguishes you from the competition. The market is big and your counterpart will decide to use the provider who he believes will act in his best interest. Find out what your counterpart is looking for and address this directly. Show him solutions to his problems.

5. Be reliable and motivated

Do not postpone or cancel meetings or obligations, especially during initial contact, as the potential customer will start believing that your service is equally unreliable. Keep your appointments and always be punctual.

React flexibly and quickly to the demands of the potential customer and impress him with creative solution approaches. Service dedication and a quick response to requests will give the customer a sense of being important to you.

These confidence building measures will go a long way toward establishing a positive relationship and increasing the chances of a future cooperation. But these five tips are merely a first insight into the art of initial contact. The Engel & Völkers Academy offers personal and professional training, and in the coming weeks our blog will provide you with further tips on what to do once you have successfully established initial contact. As one of the world’s leading real estate agencies, we can provide you with the ideal professional environment for perfecting your competencies. We look forward to meeting you!

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