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Introducing the smart garage

Our cars are constantly evolving, so why should the places we store them not do the same? While the garage is easily overlooked as part of a smart home, it can be just as useful as any other room in the house – if you fit it with the newest smart home technology.

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- Smart cars need smart garages, including security, recharging stations and door apps.

What does a smart garage look like?

As part of a thoroughly modern and future-proof home, the garage of the future will combine several essential features.

First of all, it will be absolutely secure, because you can guarantee that we’ll value our cars just as much in the future as we do right now, and will want to keep them safe.

Secondly, it will be convenient to use and take some work away from us, whether that’s opening and closing the door, parking up, or locking and unlocking.

And finally, it will have added extras that fit in with the way we use our cars and garages, bringing in some functions we might not currently expect from a garage, such as refuelling our cars.

Automatic garage doors

Developments in garage door technology mean that the smart garage will soon be able to do more than open and close the garage door for us, without us having to do it manually. Indeed, before long we might not even have to lift a finger to operate a door controller.

With voice-activated smart garage door openers and connected apps, it's possible to simply command the door to open with a vocal instruction, taking away even the most minimal work of pushing a button on a controller.

And smart garage door opener sensors can ensure your garage door opens and closes at the right time, whether that's on a schedule, whenever you command it remotely from miles away, or when you're right there waiting in your car.

Smarter security

A garage contains what's for many of us one of our most prized and practical possessions – our car. With that in mind, security is essential to get right.

Security cameras for a garage can now include remote access, so you can view it from wherever you are. There's also two-way audio for warding off or questioning any potential intruders, as well as night vision for keeping an eye on things even when it's pitch black in the garage.

Added extras

As soon as you arrive home for a well-earned rest, you can make sure your car gets an overnight energy boost too. New smart garages can now include charging stations for electric cars so your pride and joy can refuel in the garage while you recharge in the house.

And for larger garages that need to hold a lot of cars, there are even robot valets being developed so that cars can be automatically parked.

It's not only our cars that need to keep up with the technical times, but everything around them too. Instead of simply being a place where we store old junk, garages can be just as modern and efficient as our new electric vehicles are. So as you upgrade your car and your home, don't forget to look at what new technology is available for your smart garage too.

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