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Moving: Hire a moving company or "do it yourself"?

The house inspection is complete, you have registered with the electricity supplier and the new key is proudly hanging on your key ring. Obviously: Your new life in your own four walls is about to begin. But before you can make yourself comfortable in your new home, there is still a lot of work to be done. Or, to be precise: You need to move out and move in.

This costs time, money and nerves. Irrespective of whether you rely on the professional help of a moving service or on your friends and family. This raises the question of what is generally better: Booking a moving specialist or managing your own move?

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- A new phase of life in your new home is about to begin. Do you need a moving service? Or is it better to move on your own? Read now!

When is it worthwhile to use a moving service?

If you have little time or a large household, we recommend using professionals. They will handle all the tasks assigned to them according to your wishes and specifications. In addition, reputable companies insure your belongings against transport damage. They also offer two options: the full service and the comfort move.

The first option includes everything from packing your household to safe transportation to unpacking your belongings in your new home. As the name suggests, the second option is even more comfortable for you. Here, the experts also handle the disassembling and assembling of your installations and furnishings.

Regardless of which variant you choose: The cost of these individual services should not be underestimated. If you want to save money, moving on your own is often the better choice.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of moving without professional help

Spending the first night in your own house is an unforgettable feeling. At the same time, the change of location can be somewhat emotional, and not only when you leave your long-standing home or move from the city to the country. Soon-to-be homeowners therefore sometimes prefer to carry out the move themselves in order to have the opportunity to say goodbye properly to their loved ones or their old life. Despite all the anticipation, this emotional side should not be underestimated. Moreover: Apart from the costs saved, it is one of the main reasons for moving without professional help.

However, the high planning effort is problematic. After all, moving boxes need to be procured, helpers coordinated and removal vans booked. This costs valuable time that is needed elsewhere. Please also keep in mind that transport damage during private moves is usually not insured. The packing of your household goods must therefore be carried out with the appropriate care and can thus be time-consuming.

Bottom line: Make the decision that is best for you

Have you finally fulfilled your dream of owning your own house? An excellent reason to celebrate! If it weren't for the move, which has to be completed first. Fortunately, this will not cause any sleepless nights if you have reliable helpers at your side. Whether you recruit them from a professional moving company or from your circle of friends and relatives is up to you. In any case, weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each option. A general recommendation would be inappropriate at this point. Because just like your demands on your new home are individual, it is also best to identify your individual requirements regarding the move.

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