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The basics of real estate for beginners

Getting your start in real estate can feel like a pretty big leap after passing your exams. But once your foot is in the door, it’s not as big a gap as it may seem. Here are our top tips on real estate for beginners.

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- The basics for new real estate agents – the things you absolutely must know.

It’s all about marketing yourself

The biggest battle when you’re starting out in real estate is getting people to notice you and stick with you. Having a steady client stream may well remain a dream for the first few years. So the most important tip when it comes to real estate for beginners is: market yourself well. This might be via a website or social media, in local groups and societies, or through your existing network of contacts. Sometimes, marketing yourself is simply about understanding how to bridge a generational gap and convince potential clients that, although you’re new, you have what it takes. What you need to know, and spread, is why people should choose you in particular of all real estate agents in the area.

The job isn’t only about selling homes

While most real estate beginners tend to think they will be primarily closing straightforward sales on houses and apartments, there’s a whole wider world out there. You shouldn’t always be pushing to sell either: the rental market is huge and mustn’t be ignored – it’s the right choice for many prospective clients and is bread and butter for many estate agents.

Contacts are key

Make sure you're constantly building up a little book of contacts (whether digital or otherwise). You should keep hold of every contact you consider to be valuable and audit your ‘book’ of contacts regularly so you know it’s relevant, useful and up to date.

Learn from the best

When starting out in real estate, it’s vital to soak everything up like a sponge: all the expertise around you, all the tips and advice from those with more experience, and all the shadowing you can get your hands on. If you start a career with Engel & Völkers, one of the biggest benefits we offer is our E&V Academy. With seminars, online courses and training days, our main aim is to ensure you’re always taking the best steps forward with all our years of expertise at your fingertips.

Take your Time

Especially at the beginning of a new job you are eager to devote yourself completely to your new work. Fortunately, being a real estate agent allows you to work as much and for as long as you like. Since the working week does not follow a classic 40-hour model, it makes sense to optimise your time management right from the beginning. This not only increases the effectiveness of your own workflow, but also reduces the risk of being overworked. Again, look to wiser, more experienced real estate agents, and listen when they say you can give yourself a break. A work-life balance is essentially important for the longevity of your career and your own state of mind.

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