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The single apartment – an investment you might not have considered

The surprising truth is that a humble studio or single apartment could be a very valuable property investment. It’ll weather turbulent economic times and maintain its value throughout.

Who needs one?

One of the key advantages of owning a one-room or single apartment is the versatility it brings, and the wide range of people looking to rent it from you. Unlike a house with multiple bedrooms – which is more likely to appeal to a family or group of friends – a studio apartment can be let to anyone from students to professionals, for very different reasons. Students and other single people on lower incomes will often choose a studio to help their money go further. Smaller apartments require less furniture, have lower energy bills and usually cost less than larger apartments or houses to rent. Studio apartments also offer a cost-effective way to live in the centre of cities and other desirable areas, appealing to single professionals or even couples who want to be in the centre of things while saving money.

Commuters will also often seek out a single apartment as an alternative to a hotel room because of the privacy, convenience and homeliness it offers.

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- If you only invest in one property this year, make sure it's a studio apartment. Here's how you can make the most of it.

What are the benefits?

As the owner of a one-bedroom apartment, you can look forward to benefits that larger property owners don’t have access to. Such a small apartment is relatively easy to maintain, with fewer rooms meaning fewer things to fix, decorate and insure.

Studio apartments retain their value. Whether you have a population that’s downsizing for financial reasons, or one that’s booming, the one bedroom apartment remains a popular option for a range of different demographics.

How can you make them more desirable?

Of course it’s not as simple as purchasing just any studio apartment and waiting for your tenants to appear. Instead, you need to make sure your property stands out so you can get the best possible income from your investment. For renters looking for a furnished single apartment, multi-functional furniture helps to maximise space in a clever way. This could be a pull-out bed, a coffee table that turns into a dining table, or stairs that double up as drawers.

Where can you find more information?

Dismissing small apartments as unworthy of your investment is a common mistake, but knowing what to look for and how to present it could be the key to a long and successful career in property ownership.

See our insider real estate knowledge for more insights, including market trend forecasts that’ll help you if you’re looking to buy or sell property.

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