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Wellness real estate: better quality of life meets value appreciation

Wellness hotels are in regular demand and a wellness holiday elicits enthusiastic reactions. The luxurious time-out with relaxation and massages really only makes up one aspect of wellness. On the American continent, this also includes conscious nutrition, exercise and fresh air. Always with the goal of overall wellness. Wellness is becoming a lifestyle and an integral part of everyday life, which means that relevant facilities are also found on the property. In this blog article, you will learn how wellness features can increase the value of your property and how sustainable a pool or similar still is today. 

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- Wellness real estate: better quality of life meets value appreciation

Sauna and pool: luxury or investment in quality of life?

The term wellness refers to a combination of treatments from various cultures, whose positive health effects have been proven. Fitness is part of it, but not everyone is interested in visiting a gym or doing laps in the swimming pool in public. Intimacy and the accustomed comfort of your own home contribute greatly to the recreational factor of sports and wellness. You also save time when everything you need is on your doorstep. Buyers appreciate this and are willing to pay higher property prices. But they also expect quality.

Preventive and curative

Meditation and yoga bring deep relaxation, which is often neglected in the hectic daily routine. The effect can be seen in the brain wave pattern, which resembles that of deep, dreamless sleep. Scandinavians appreciate the effects of sauna bathing, which has also become an integral part of today's spas. Swimming is one of those endurance sports that is both effective and gentle, and aqua gymnastics provide a genuine workout! But water also has another effect: it is said that a view of the sea or lake and water has a calming effect. Those who do not live in a house by a lake have an infinity pool to simulate this effect.

Is this still sustainable? Yes!

A look at public baths in Germany shows: most of them had to close due to high energy costs. In Lünen and Bamberg, on the other hand, indoor swimming pools are being opened in passive buildings with significantly lower energy requirements. With the appropriate know-how and consistent implementation, there is no reason why you should not treat yourself to the investment and profit from it in terms of health and achieving a better selling price. The expression of luxury is evident here in the technical design and the ambition to enjoy everything without increasing the ecological footprint.

Plan big and plan ahead

A sauna for several people and wellness rooms for massages, relaxation and care prove to be valuable arguments when you sell your property. Half-hearted solutions are less convincing and outdated systems are more of an obstacle. Plan living space for yourself, create areas that are relevant for your wellness and large windows for natural light incidence. This promotes the production of the body's own vitamin D, which enhances the mood in a relaxed way.

These are our tips for the design of your very own wellness property. We wish you much fun with planning and building!

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