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Home decor trends and tips for summer 2017

“Summer time, and the livin' is easy...” Surely, we can all identify with the hit by legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald: Summer is a time of joy and lightheartedness. Long anticipated sun-filled days, blossoming nature all around, and a whiff of barbecue in the air: How was it even possible to forget the beauty of summer?

Home decor trends and tips for summer 2017

Today, we have compiled a few great summer decorating tips for you that will allow you to also bring the change of season into your beloved home.

A hint of ocean: maritime summer decor

One of the first things we associate with the best time of the year is without a doubt the sea. Even if you are not one of the lucky ones to live directly by the sea, there is no need to wait for your holiday to arrive: How about bringing the sea home to you instead - in the form of maritime summer decor?

The possibilities are endless, maritime flair can be created both indoors and outdoors. You could start by painting the one or other wall deep blue - because of its soothing effect, the bedroom would be a good choice. To loosen things up a bit, use white as contrasting colour.

Be it on the rooftop terrace or on a sideboard in the living room - an arrangement of decor items with maritime flair is like a fresh summer breeze in your home. You could, for example, use a few seashells from your last holiday and arrange them around a model lighthouse or a small sailboat and put up a decorative figure of a seahorse or seagull. A beach chair on your balcony will do the rest.

Summer decor ideas from the plant kingdom

We are not the only ones to flourish in summer - plants do too. So how about using plants to create that summerly feeling you are looking for? Summer is not a time to be minimalistic, which is why you should use plenty of colour. Let flowers in your garden, on your balcony or in the living room speak for themselves.

Our pick of the season: A Bougainvillea with its boundless display of colourful flowers immediately creates a Mediterranean flair. If you prefer something a little more subtle, use pastel colours - as are found in pink dahlias or lilies.

When using plants to decorate your home, you can combine the pleasant with the practical. Fresh herbs and homegrown vegetables will not only pep up your next barbecue, but also create a wonderful and long-lasting summer atmosphere.

Light up your cosy summer evenings

The days are long, but even so it will get dark at some stage, with you still outside enjoying your barbecue or glass of red wine: So you need to ensure befitting lighting that will not spoil the summerly atmosphere. More on the topic of garden lighting can be found in one of our other articles.

Apart from the classic windlight, there are also many other ways to keep the vibe alive after dark: Fairy lights look great on the balcony, and lanterns hanging from the trees in your garden will emit a beautiful light in your favourite colour. If you want something more modern, use one of the many different kinds of solar lamps that are available.

As you can see: we are ready for summer. If you are looking for even more inspiration, read our blog article on how to prepare your balcony for summer.

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