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Interior design styles: how to go classic-contemporary

When it comes to picking a theme for your interior décor, it can feel like there are too many rules to follow. Minimalism demands a pared-back and reduced lifestyle that banishes clutter, while country home trends opt instead for an unbridled use of fabric, natural materials and displays of homely ornaments.

Interior design styles: classic-contemporary

For those who want the best of both worlds, there is now a new trend that combines simple modernity with traditional decorative values.

Classic-contemporary interior design has been heralded as the next big thing, and it offers a realm of creativity that crosses both period and style boundaries. Here is our brief guide to this emerging aesthetic.

Introducing classic to contemporary

Classic-contemporary interior design brings together the old and the new in an exciting clash and contrast of periods. The idea is to draw attention to the age and narrative behind both vintage furnishings and cutting-edge elements in placing them side by side. However, it's not just a matter of bringing both classic and contemporary interior design ideas into your home all at once.

To get the full effect, you'll need to combine the two aesthetics in specific items. Take a period chair, for example, and refurbish it with starkly modern upholstery in a bold pattern or with a unique texture.

Blending period features

The beauty of the classic-contemporary look is that you're not limited to just one, or even two, eras. If you have a love for furniture and design from different periods, you can bring them together to create an eclectic mixture of pieces. This removes one of the trickiest obstacles to overcome in conventional interior design styles – matching historical items.

For example, try blending the classic interior design of 1930s Art Deco objects, such as decorative screens or picture frames, with some of the eye-popping shades of the 1960s. With the rules of time already broken, you're free to try unprecedented combinations in your home. The resulting contradictions create a curiosity shop-style collection of items that all have their own unique stories, and all emphasise each other through their differences.

Exploring colour

Any fan of contemporary or classic interior design will know the importance of colour in interior design styles. With vibrant palettes making a welcome return to the design world, painting your interiors with a deep, jewel shade or giving a room an intense colour theme is a bold way of tapping into the classic-contemporary aesthetic. Reds and purples hark back to Victorian trends and work well with high-shine contemporary metal fittings, while matte whites and greys are ideal backdrops for pattered armchairs or velvet fabrics.

Classic-contemporary is one of the most exciting interior design styles of recent years, largely due to the scope for experimentation. There are no rules, so you're left to your own devices to get creative and express yourself in your own home.

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