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Modern must-haves in today’s luxury kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and hub of the modern home, so why not lavish it with an extravagant upgrade? Whether you’re a home chef or a frequent entertainer, you can take delight in specialty gadgets designed for luxury living. Art meets science in these high-end kitchen appliances, both stylish in appearance and precise in their applications.

- What makes a kitchen luxurious? Here's a closer look at today's must-have accessories:

Chill and warm with climate-controlled drawers

Luxury kitchen design often involves the art of disguise to create a uniform, sleek effect. This includes cleverly building dishwashers and refrigerators into your cabinetry, and you can continue this impact with drawer refrigerators. Whether stacked in a cabinet or spread out to form unique kitchen stations, these chilled cabinets store fresh produce, condiments and beverages.

Another value-adding installation is a warming drawer, a must-have for dinner parties when you want to ensure all of your food comes out at the perfect temperature. Placed under the oven, the warming drawer keeps food hot until ready to serve. Look for added features including bread proofing, slow cooking and removable racks.

Bring a professional touch with a chef-grade stove

Your range or stove is one of the most-used tools in a luxury kitchen, so this is an area to really focus on. From frying eggs to baking soufflés, cooking tasks operate more smoothly with professional-grade equipment. AGA cookers are top of the line in terms of efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Crafted from cast iron, they naturally store heat and transfer it through the ovens and hotplates at a smooth and steady rate. The end result is evenly and consistently cooked food. Without conventional switches or dials, they make a stylish statement and natural focal point in the kitchen.

Smeg appliances rival AGA in the kitchen, blending vintage-inspired designs in luscious pops of colour with high-tech smart components. This Italian manufacturer collaborates with architects and designers to create its pieces, with machines like the Portofino offering features such as automatic programmes, interior grilling and a rotisserie kit.

Elevate your meal with high-tech kitchen gadgets

From hors d’oeuvres to desserts, high-end kitchen appliances can make short work of fine dining. Round out your luxury kitchen with technology used by professional chefs, starting with a sous vide tool. Sous vide techniques cook food by vacuum-sealing in a bag and submerging in carefully temperature-controlled water. Heated this way, vegetables tenderise in their own juices and premium cuts of meat are cooked to perfection.

Indulge in paper-thin crêpes day or night with an in-house crêpe-maker, allowing you to fine tune your pancake-making skills with an electric supersized griddle. Save room for dessert, because no luxury kitchen is complete without an ice cream machine. Invest in a Carpigiani batch freezer for impeccably creamy results. This efficient machine can spin out full-bodied ice cream in minutes, reducing ice crystal formation and air for a denser, more authentic finished product.

When crafting your dream kitchen, look not only at the storage facilities but also at the cooking tools and finishing flourishes. For a home chef, high-end kitchen appliances are a worthy investment in the culinary arts.

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