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How to design a roof terrace

Roof terraces come in a wide variety of designs. Everything is possible, from a small but fine loggia to a spacious flat roof of an industrial hall in a mixed residential area or a terrace at a lofty height on the roof of a multi-storey house.

They all have one thing in common: Each of them is special for its users, offering an extraordinary opportunity to escape from everyday life and retreat. At the same time, they are a welcome venue for cosy get-togethers with family or friends. We will show you how you too can turn your roof terrace into a unique oasis of well-being.

- Looking for tips on how to design your roof terrace? In the new blog, we reveal what is important when it comes to furnishing.

What makes a roof terrace so special

A roof terrace is - of course - always also a terrace. Hence, many of the tips and suggestions for the design of terraces at ground level can also be applied to them.

But shouldn't it be precisely the special features of the terrace at the highest point of the building that are accentuated and integrated into its use? Only a roof terrace offers the opportunity to spend pleasant moments outdoors with the feeling of being that little bit closer to the sky. And yet you can still enjoy the benefits of "being at home" and having privacy. That is precisely what makes it so exclusive. The view over the city rooftops or into the distance is purest luxury for the senses.

Considerations for the design of a roof terrace 

The goal of successful planning is to turn the space provided by the roof terrace into an oasis of well-being. This includes maintaining the airiness and the feeling of freedom and yet not being too exposed to the prying eyes of neighbours. 

The size of a roof terrace can vary greatly. The more space is available, the more sensible it is to create individual recreational areas. Relaxing and sunbathing are naturally at the forefront, but perhaps you would also like to cook outside, or enjoy time together with a large group of friends after dark?

Beautiful and functional at the same time - a roof terrace can become the most harmonious connection between people and nature.

Furnishing your roof terrace

Once the different areas have been defined, the next step is to select the floor material, furniture and plants. The perfect choice for flooring is solid wood planks or the wood-look composite WPC. They create an exclusive ambience that always evokes a little holiday feeling, are nevertheless robust and form a harmonious, natural look with your choice of plants. 

Suitable weather-resistant furniture for your lofty outdoor area can be found in large numbers at garden furniture manufacturers. On roof terraces, people often like to relax in modern lounge furniture, which they can personalise with cosy upholstery and accessories to suit their taste. Perhaps there is also a suitable spot for a comfy hammock.

Planting in tubs is particularly suitable for roof terraces. Large planters also provide sufficient space for the roots of medium-sized trees and shrubs. If your terrace has large, sunny areas, Mediterranean plants will feel particularly at home here. Growing crops even on small areas is becoming increasingly popular. So why not set up a raised bed with garden herbs right next to the outdoor kitchen or dining area? Many types of vegetables also thrive in this environment.

Protection from wind and sun 

What every roof terrace should have is suitable protection against the sun and wind. Depending on how exposed it is, the wind can be much more noticeable than on more sheltered garden terraces. Therefore, awnings or sunshades should be of robust quality. A popular and stylish option are expansive awnings that provide shade. 

Ready-made privacy screen elements can be placed to serve a dual purpose: They are windbreaks and guardians of privacy in one. In addition to contributing to the feel-good atmosphere, plants can also be used as privacy screens. Tall, dense ornamental grasses or a bamboo hedge are beautiful to look at and at the same time gaze-proof.

Creating the right atmosphere 

To enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of your roof terrace not only during the day, you need atmospheric lighting for the warm summer evenings. Fairy lights or lanterns add a touch of cosiness. They can be combined with flickering table lights. 

On large roof terraces, fire baskets or bowls make for unforgettable evenings. These can also make you forget the cooler temperatures in autumn when you want to enjoy your evening outdoors with a warm blanket over your knees.

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