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Housing industry and e-mobility: How to realize an increase in the value of your property

By the end of 2017, 25,056 new electric cars had been registered. The number has thus more than doubled from 2016 to 2017. From 2022 onwards, according to the forecasts, e-mobility will have outgrown its infancy and the transformation to a mass market will be complete. Germany will then be the leading market with around one million electric cars making the streets quieter. A challenge and opportunity for the entire real estate industry, especially with regard to the housing industry and new construction projects.

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- The housing industry and e-mobility - the basis for value creation: a challenge and opportunity for profitable investments in new construction projects

How can the housing industry contribute to the success of e-mobility?

It is primarily the charging infrastructure that makes the housing industry a strategic player. Good times for investors who can expect property prices to rise. At present, it appears that the housing industry, among others, is a hindrance on the way to the mass market: How can access to e-mobility affect the value of a property?

The future dream of e-mobility is slowly but surely becoming reality. The term in no way refers only to cars, but includes all means of transport, such as bicycles, scooters, etc.

There will be a change in the requirements for residential and commercial buildings, according to the consensus in business and politics. In the future, the value of a property will be measured by how successfully the mobility infrastructure can be adapted to the requirements of the lead market, both in new and existing buildings, especially in urban and rural areas.

Housing industry and e-mobility: realising an increase of property value

Developing e-mobility is primarily linked to the corresponding charging infrastructure. Currently, more than 70 percent of property management companies and property owners must be prepared for this if they want to set an example for e-mobility.

Which planning aspects must be considered?

A modern charging infrastructure is based on detailed property and location analyses:

• a usage concept that is oriented to the type and scope of e-mobility

• parking spaces as close as possible to the distribution room, in an underground car park preferably on the outer walls

• sustainable planning and selection of charging stations

• sufficient structural and technical reserves for later extensions, especially for new buildings

• secure identification and billing possibilities if mixed operation (public/private) is planned

• development of and compliance with fire protection and accident prevention concepts in cooperation with external experts

With regard to technical integration, sufficient grid capacity is important. Energy that is either completely provided by the energy supply company or whose production - in part - comes from regenerative sources (photovoltaics). In the latter case, this is particularly important when it comes to achieving a carbon positive footprint.

Housing industry, e-mobility, value enhancement: summary and conclusion

The undisputed advantages of e-mobility are offset by the currently limited resources and technical limitations of the housing industry. Investments in a sustainable e-mobility infrastructure can increase the value of a property and form the basis for long-term, secure returns.

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