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Luxury Car Dealers in La Coruña

The province of A Coruña offers a comprehensive selection of luxury car dealers. In this list we take a look at the luxury car dealers in and near A Coruña’s city centre—their showrooms and the services they have to offer.


BMW Novomóvil

Located in the municipality of Oleiros, east of A Coruña’s city centre, Novomóvil is an official dealer of BMW. The company boasts an expansive showroom and service center. Inside the showroom are the latest models of BMW sedans, SUVs, hybrids and motorcycles. Novomóvil is well-commended for its maintenance and repair services, including body paint customization and high-quality parts replacement.

ADDRESS: Ctra, N-VI, km. 589, 15172 Oleiros, A Coruña

CONTACT NUMBER: (+34) 981 635 750



Along the AC-12 Highway in Oleiros, A Coruña, you can find Arrojo, the official dealer and distributor of Audi vehicles and accessories. Arrojo features a wide and brightly-lit showroom with an adjacent workshop. A wide selection of the latest Audi vehicles are displayed, while extensive catalogs show other available new and used luxury cars that Arrojo has to offer.

ADDRESS: Avenida das Mariñas, 285, 15172 Oleiros, A Coruña

CONTACT NUMBER: (+34) 981 635 400


Louzao Coruña

Louzao, located along Avenida das Mariñas—just a few hundred meters from the sea—is an official dealer and distributor for Mercedez-Benz. The showroom boasts sleek, ultramodern architecture and interiors, as well as a lounge dedicated to official Mercedez-Benz luxury accessories and gear. Louzao also offers the Smart range of electric-powered environmentally-efficient microcars.

ADDRESS: Avenida das Mariñas, 295, 15172 Perillo, A Coruña

CONTACT NUMBER: (+34) 981 139 927


Yáñez Coruña Volkswagen Taller

This official dealership of Volkswagen, Yáñez Coruña is popular for the service and expertise provided by the staff, as well as the high quality and fast turnaround time on maintenance and repair services.

ADDRESS: Rúa Galileo Galilei, 19, 15008 A Coruña

CONTACT NUMBER: (+34) 981 980 970

Vaz Pol Motor

Located along Avenida Almeiras, Vaz Pol Motor is a Volkswagen dealer specializing in maintenance, parts replacement and repair of Volkswagen vehicles. it boasts a spacious workshop providing a wide range of services and many Volkswagen owners commend Vaz Pol Motor for their fast and efficient work

ADDRESS: Av. Almeiras, nº33, bajo, 15180 Culleredo, A Coruña

CONTACT NUMBER: (+34) 981660816


Centro Porsche A Coruña is an official dealer of Porsche, boasting a range of the latest and top-of-the-line Porsche luxury cars, equipment and accessories. Inside, the luxury cars are not only displayed conventionally, but some are positioned on electronic lifts, which allow clients to get a detailed look at the cars.

ADDRESS: Avenida das Mariñas, 286, 15172 Oleiros, A Coruña

CONTACT NUMBER: (+34) 981145544


Lexus Breogán Autolux

Part of the Grupo Breogán, a group of dealerships that include Porsche, KIA and Toyota, Lexus Breogán Autolux is an official dealer and distributor of Lexus. The dealership is well-commended for their exceptional facilities, as well as the personalized service offered by the staff and agents.

ADDRESS: Avenida das Mariñas, 288, 15172 Oleiros, A Coruña

CONTACT NUMBER: (+34) 981160444

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