Tips you would like to know for Buying a Land in Madrid

Have a piece of land to build a house for your family. What a beautiful idea, every purchase process implies some efforts that you can not get rid of, so we provide the perfect device to buy the floor of your house.

1. Locate via Google Maps

Today's computer advances have raised us to heights never imagined in remote times. If in 1890 we were able to cross the skies thanks to the airplane that the Wright brothers designed, in the year 2005 already we looked at everything to bird's eye because of an invention called Google Maps. A revolutionary tool that makes us float between the clouds to control it from above, so that to detect your future terrain is just a matter of having a good eye from the screen of your computer.

2. Visit and check

It seems to us almost disrespectful to include this second step of pure obviousness. Obviously you should visit the land before you buy it, right? Do not you wear your sneakers in the store before going through the box? Well with the soil that will soon be yours you must do the same.

But what may not seem so clear, as well , are the checks that you must perform on the same plot. Do you know what we mean? 

 - Orientation: Whenever the floor of your home faces south, it will drink as much solar energy as it will eventually become. In other words, we are dealing with the most suitable geographical layout for lighting your property

 - Pending: On the other hand, in case the land is sloping, you can adapt the house to that inclination to reduce costs. The movement and control of land is not as expensive as the value of flat land.

 - Immediate environment:  The access, the distance with your neighbors, the presence of mountains or walls nearby ... All these elements have an importance that you should not miss in your visits.

La Moraleja-Alcobendas  (Madrid) - Buy plot in Mirasierra

3. Check the type of land

You would have a big surprise if you knew the influence that the subsoil exerts on the final price of the house. Are you aware of how important that is? It can amount to between 5% and 20% of the total amount of the house. That is why, before the project starts building, you should commission a geotechnical study. The composition of the soil that will tread on your future home constitutes the basis of everything. Remember it.

4. Check that everything is in order 

Do not think that you will escape from the bureaucracy, comrade, because in these processes usually intervene to make yours. Swallow the dose of patience that corresponds to you; count to ten as many times as you think necessary. Calm down, sigh. You are better? Then cross the city hall door where the land is located and request your urban plan. In that document you will be able to make sure that the soil that attracts you is urbanizable. A paper that shows the type of housing you can build and the supplies that supply the property: water, gas, sewerage, electricity and fiber optics.

5. Review construction regulations

As for the current regulations of construction, there are two basic concepts that you should know. The first one that you would have to master is the occupation, which is nothing other than the gross area expressed in percentage that will occupy your dwelling within the lot. It is a figure that will not calculate the plants that have your property, a differentiating data regarding the other term with which you should familiarize yourself: building. "And what is buildability", Is the total of square meters that can be constructed in the lot, including all the floors that will complete your property.

La Moraleja-Alcobendas  (Madrid) - Land in Madrid

Nowadays finding a dream house seems impossible for many buyers, that is why they choose to look for plots of land to build to their measure and to their liking.

Buying an old house to overthrow it and build a new and exciting project is a very popular option due to the scarcity of undeveloped land in the most exclusive areas of Madrid.

We invite you to discover the different lands that we can build for sale and also properties that have great potential for a comprehensive reform or even a complete demolition to finally get that house that you dream so much.

At Engel & Völkers we have a team of agents who will help you with all the doubts you have and will advise you to make the process as simple as possible, as well as a team of new construction projects and reforms that can tailor the house that you and your family you need.

Click here to access our portfolio of properties. Contact us and let us advise you to make your search more effective.

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