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Find out why it's best to list your home exclusively through an agent

When it comes to selling a property, some people are reluctant to do this exclusively through a real estate agent. It is normal to have reasons for this such as "listing the property with several agencies will result in a quicker sale" or "if I list it exclusively I will not be able to sell the house by myself if the opportunity arises"

However, based on the current property market situation, selling through a real estate agency is an option that represents a lot of advantages for the owner. Here we will explain the most important ones.

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1. Exclusively-listed homes are sold faster

Contrary to popular belief, homes that are put up for sale exclusively with a real estate company sell much faster than those that are marketed by several companies. For example, when using this method, it is possible to disclose the property's exact details and its whereabouts, which will only please the buyers even more.

This allows exclusively-listed homes to receive more requests for contact, more scheduled visits and, therefore, faster sale. This is because the property's ads are more comprehensive and can be used in various advertising strategies that often give very good results, such as virtual tours or professional videos.

2. Committing to the agency

Selling exclusively with a real estate agency involves commitment to the sale contract. In fact, inter-agency competition has, on many occasions, created problems for an agent who has worked hard on a sale only to find another agent with a better offer to snatch the client at the last minute. This is not only demotivating but it is also common to find properties that are somewhat hidden with the aim of avoiding the competition that would put an end to the operation.

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By listing the house exclusively through an agency ensures that the assigned agent will make an effort to sell the property as soon as possible since there is no risk of another agent coming and snatching the sale. After all, the real estate agent is just as interested in selling the house quickly for the highest possible price as you are. When you think about it, given the current market situation, it is no wonder that competition between real estate agencies is so fierce. 

3. A consultant at your service

By listing your property for sale exclusively with a real estate agent, you will automatically get an agent assigned for you who will advise and guide you in everything you need. This is something that will not happen if you were to list your home through several agencies. Keep in mind that the process of selling a home is often long and complicated, so the agent's help is absolutely critical to make the right decisions.

In summary, selling exclusively through a real estate agency has many more advantages than disadvantages. So, if you are thinking of selling yours quickly, you should seriously consider this option.

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